BOYS KNOW HOW TO COOK! (A true life Story)

Cooking-food-in-a-refugee-campBy Akut Francis

When we were ‘shudren’ (children) in our beautiful Thianwei, (A village within South Sudan) loooooong ago when ‘Athieleei’ was sang for; when zeal was the eye, patriotism and hope the ear and resilience the mouth of the people’s movement SPLM/A – And our forests were full and thick and large (READ: “Junub Adik Na Laar Wïïr” – By Johnson Jock), and it wasn’t uncommon to not have a salt, sugar or everything availably unavailable. Imagine!

While in those growing-up experimentals, and with unwon battles against appetite; blessed with studious upbringing influenced upon by the Africa’s longest civil war, me and my friends would play “Agaac”, “Alueeth” and ofcourse goodness “Meek!” and all the other 100,000 offline games you will never find on Google. We would embark on acquiring ‘clay moulded cows’ for which we would build a dream shelter (Luak) – an innovation inspired by more or less of transitory and keep them inside there for ‘milking’ or even marrying for the next 19hrs or years and so.

Apart from pastoral errands and duties – and nonsense, we were also a blessed minority in our village yards looking and determined to eat from this overly swift hopping community of grasshoppers with serrated hind legs. The one which is genteel, slow and big was categorized and graded (I’Mportant) the creme-de-la-creme kind of. They were more prized than the modern “I LOVE YOUs” and to catch one, we fought against each other like South Sudanese entering Bongo Bus.

When we had finished owning the God-sent hoppers and had plucked their legs off and they’d began to bore us, we cooked them. We harvested thornmelon (ala’ngany) and wild grapes, made them act and behave in the place of ingredients (all under duress because teamwork was the law and with few lines of miracle too, just like Jesus did the impossible in the Bible. (Jesus changed water into wine). And we collected firewoods and ‘efforts’ and made a sustaining hell of a fire.

After a few seconds in the fire, which we ‘shudren’ determined was several centuries if not hours already, we ‘preyed’ as I kindly invite all of you Friends for a treat.

Stay tuned!

Then there was this funny thing I just forgot, Oh no!

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