By Jon Pen de Ngong
Kenya is mourning! The world is mourning! The Media is awash with news of the sudden death of ‘Sudan’, the only white male rhino alive on earth. He passed away in Kenya.
As to why it is called ‘Sudan’, the information is so scanty. During my school days, I used to reference it in debates that the famous animal was stolen from South Sudan (the then Sudan). This is true. ‘Sudan’ is a South Sudanese. 
Methinks Rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, elephants, reindeers, warthogs and crocodiles are the only remaining families of the dinosaurs. Given this rate of extinction, it seems they are being claimed into oblivion by their ancestors. 
They also seem to convey supernatural powers. Or why would the rhino’s horn be such radioactive? In many African traditional societies, they are totems. Check any of the current Africans’ lists and you will see most personified beasts e.g. Mayardit, Lotole, Marial, Khor, Wanyama, Yaka or Angui, Nyang, Kuach, etc.
A serious question is here: If at all the only surviving dinosaur was stolen from us during our madness day, then Kenya and those thieves who stole our legend must explain and compensate. 
Oh, wait a minute! Who knows my uncle or the SPLA gunmen would have killed and roasted it like they did to his family long ago?

Otherwise, we are just reduced to claimers of the roots, not fruits, of our legends like Obama, Khartoum, the Egyptian pyramids, the Garden of Eden, Isaiah 18, etc. Get serious ya ‘former Sudanese’!

Nevertheless, some little flicker of hope is that ‘Sudan’s’ semen are in custody of a sperm bank and would be inseminated into the surviving females to produce another Sudan, this time a ‘South Sudan’. Inshallah!
Below is the picture of ‘Gen. Sudan’ with his bodyguards and other details of his life time.
RIP ‘Gen. Sudan’!

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