Wounded South Sudanese Family That Survived Road Ambush Is Stranded Outside Hospital in Kampala!

By Victor Alex

Being helpless is torture

Last evening at about 10 pm as I was comfortably taking my evening tea while watching arrow season six at home, I received an emergency phone call from my best friend David Ayuel. Apparently, he had a turf toe injury specifically on the hallux or big toe for that matter which required an immediate medical attention. We went to two different hospitals of which we couldn’t find a specialist who deal in such injuries.. At last, when we thought our options were over, we decided to check in St Francis Nsambya Hospital where we got lucky! 

In this hospital, we found a South Sudanese family made up of the husband and wife plus their three daughters. We didn’t pay so much attention to them as David was writhing in pain. After we were about to get done with consultation, a nurse brought some X-ray images of the above mentioned family. The doctor immediately examined them and to our shocking, the images were very scary. 

We decided to pay a closer look as our inquisitive was growing… We asked Joseph, the man of this family, what had happened!  He told us his family plus other South Sudanese nationals ran into ambush while in a bus  the previous day between the border of South Sudan and Kenya. A place call Narus to be exact!! His two daughters  plus his wife were severely injured in this incident. His wife was shot both on the left arm as well as in the chest! Luckily, the bullet missed her heart but her arm was severely injured. The doctor assured us she was going to be. Her 15 year old daughter was shot in the pelvis and the bullet is stuck inside which requires an operation to be Removed. His 10 year old daughter, unfortunately, she lost her right arm! Her arm was severely damaged and the only way it could have been saved is to surgically amputate it. 

To make matters worse, Joseph was not in a condition to pay for these expenses! He was pleading with the doctors and nurses to be working on his family. All we could do was just watching and feeling sorry for them. I hated myself so much that I couldn’t do anything at all to help them! For the first time in my life, I hated being broke and in a state helplessness!! 

While we were leaving the hospital at around 3 am in the morning, we could see them sleeping outside the emergency ward because they couldn’t  afford beds in the room!! Oh God help them!! If there are passionate Junubeen out there, please help them!! They’re still in the hospital right!! Please, even if you have nothing, just pay them a visit. It will mean a lot to them…….

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