BREAKING NEWS: We Bribed Our Way Through 56+ Checkpoints From Abyei to Juba!

Our beloved country is in somebody’s pocket. We have been pocketed! Our children’s future has been mortgaged for temporary personal benefits. From the top to the bottom, every opportunist is making a kill in our name. Debts are 20 years above our age, and the oligarchs are not sparing the little we have in our pockets, either, through deliberate inflation and direct grab. We need serious reforms. Only through peace can we sigh!

For example, below is a testimony of a traveller between Abyei and Juba.


Hello Fellow Citizens,

This came to my attention after I successfully travelled by road from Abyei to Juba. We keep complaining about the rise of food commodities and other staffs. 

Here are the number of roadlocks or #Chekpoints! Can u imagine?

Abyei to Turalei – 7 Checkpoints

Turalei to Kwajok – 11 checkpoints 

Kwajok to Wau – 4 Checkpoints

Wau to Tonj – 4 checkpoints

Tonj to Rumbek – 8 checkpoints

Rumbek to Yirol – 7 check points 

Yirol to Awerial – 5 Checkpoints

Awerial to Terkeka – 5 checkpoints 

Terkeka to Juba – 5 checkpoints.

A total of 56checkpoints minus the ones we passed at night when the cartels were sleeping. 

At every checkpoint, whether u like it or not, u pay over 2000 ssp and other checkpoints upto 7,000 e.g. Newsite checkpoint, which is entry point to the city!!!

At every checkpoint they claim to have offices namely.

* Operation

* Fire Brigade

* Traffic police

* Migration 


* National security 

* Maktab bita Taftish,

* Then finaly ‘grush bita juru habil’ (or money for the person who releases the barrier rope for you)!


In Kenya

From Mombasa to Busia, they have 3 weighbridges ONLY, namely: Mariakani, Gilgil, Bungoma and at the border.

In Uganda 

There are 3 stoppages ONLY, up to the border of Nimule. Then from Nimule to Juba, I give you that assignment as a traveller there to count.

Honestly my felloemw citizens if South Sudan, where is the government, or is this the one collecting road tolls or ‘taxes’ tbrough all those so-called state agencies? 

Why, for example, woukd the empty truck pay over 100,000 SSP, moreover with no receipts, no reason for the money, etc.? My question is, what about the loaded truck? Just guess for yourself…!

Where on earth would a fire fighter mount a checkpoint on express highways? We are forced to just pay with the road conditions that made us stay driving for 5 days from Abiyei to Juba?

The money collected goes to individuals’ pockets and not the public coffers, yet our teachers have 5 months inhalibg dust and chalks on no salaries???!!!

Please please, whoever gets this post, kindly share till it reaches the people concerned.


Citizens concerns 😥😰😰😰 —from Tingmeer Francis.


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