By Emmanuel Malual

Thousands of herds of cattle have been raided today morning (February 28) after armed youth from neighboring Western Lakes State (Yiro) stormed one  populated  cattle camp known  as Ariei and Pelmou, 

According to the sources on the ground, both states Governments of Eastern and Eastern Lakes are yet to respond or verify the claims 

From our reporter on the ground, it has been confirmed that one person waskilled and dozens others injured during the raid in tge morning. 

The source continued reporting that fighting was still continuing as youth from Eastern lakes State were trying to recover  their herds of cattle, which were taken by raiders suspected to be from Western Lakes.

The same place last week youth from former Unity State also raided 400 heads of cattle in Kariem cattle camp.

The youth leader of Pelmou who did not want his name mentioned in the media was asking, ” Where is the disarmament that is said all the times by these states’ governments? Why  now are we being targeted by armed communities?  We are  suffering from different attacks from different communities who are our neighbors.”

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