The youth of south Sudan has rejects IGAD proposal for four vice presidents under leadership Dr Albino Bol  Dhieu , Bol addressing  thousands of  south Sudanese  youth who attended the occasions  in KICC in Nairobi Kenya . Youth National  youth union accused the IGAD  countries for their insincere roles by  trying to failed the government  of south Sudan  by creating  conditions that cannot allowed peace and unity to prevailed in the Republic of south Sudan the issue of four  vice Presidents  which had never happen in  the whole  country  history of  governances  that a country should have  four  vice presidents  has not in  I n  some  countries, Dr  Albino   what prolong  conflicts in  south Sudan is the ways rebellions  being awarded , he  accused the rebels groups of  who are fighting  the government  for their  interests  of  getting into power as  now   are the country with large number  of generals  in Africa and in the  world we are second  to Republic  of Russia  and soon we will have more  than 40  ministers with their deputies and over 400 MPS  which was created by the   international community  with the peace partners  the whole things that being negotiates  in Addis  Ababa  and what is fuelling  our conflicts in  south Sudan is the way that rebellions  being  awarded with big positions   that is why are not   in peace  American decisions over  arm embargo is not  the solutions to conflicts in south Sudan., the only way to bring peace is to allowed people of south Sudan to talk to each other   we will write our  position  paper  we are going to talk to IGAD  the way  that they are dealing  with our peace is not  bringing peace  like Arm embargo  is on solutions   rebels are looking for their positions  nothing else  .

The IGAD    and other  international  should not imposed  the government we are the one who elected  president  kiir  Salva  Mayardit  and we are the one  going to  protects  his  in short we need to be given chances as south Sudanese to talk or Dialogue among  ourselves  as an indications  that we have initiated  National  dialogue is  the only  ways we will have achieved our peace in the country 

DR  Albino after the discussions  he  a address  the media and urges the south Sudanese youth in Diaspora especially  youth in Kenya  to united under National agenda and  stop supporting  people without National agenda , but tribal agenda that will bring  back  people to wars. And suffering ,the  Peace partners should give ample chances to south Sudanese themselves  so that they can bring peace back to our country. 

The  whole  things that being   negotiated in Addis Ababa  is power not anything else  that  which encouraged  by partners  I am ensuring the public that  no other countries  which can bring   chance to our country .

The  south Sudanese youth  have converged at KICC    for  the open forum which was organized  by Bhar el Ghazal  youth unions under   chairmanship    Amati  maker  who invited  all south Sudanese regardless of their political or religions  to attended the events 

The youth asked a lot of questions as the role of   national youth leader DR Albino Bol in current situations that targeting youth in the country 

Chuot  Maker  Chuot asked  Dr Albino   to resigned  because is not  doing enough things to protects  youth which are back born and future leaders of  tomorrow in south Sudan since he organized   streets  protests over American decisions  over arm embargo  than protesting  over killing by unknown  gunman which have  become  a weapons  to finished  youths in the country south sudan.he  accused  him for representing youths   ghosts  like killing of three brothers  but did not  condemned  it publicly  as a youth leaders.

Jackline Akuot   came up with concerns over youths who are taking drugs which also the youth leader should be aware that  drug abuse is an  issues  here in Kenya .

The press secretary in the office president urges the Aweil community   to be united and avoid pointing at each other he slams  the killing of three brothers is not targeting klling as  people says  it was criminal acts  which a UN vehicle was found on the scène of crimes .Ateny  WeK Ateny  accused those  people who serve in the government if they  have been removed they decided to   go to the bush, he continued  it is not the way we will managed our country if  you are removed  you can go to the bush  that business should be stop .he continued  saying  killing in juba is not targets  killing  people from Aweil .he said .he calls on social media  users for promoting  individuals to be known since they have not have national agenda  for their rebellion  in the country

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