Peer Mentorshop by a South Sudanese Young Lady: Choose Wisely!

Dear South Sudanese Youth,

We are being enslaved by our own and the center of slavery is our minds. For instance, we, youth, are being used to stab ourselves and starve our own people to death. 

The frying pan we are in would be of help if  we allow it to heat us out of the freezing point ahead which needs heat to help us from freezing off. I suggest we just focus on this situation, not try to escape to where we would wish to go back to the frying pan and restart wiyh regrets.

 Young ladies, yes, we have families. They expect us to do greater things for them, but everything has a chosen time. Let time pass and everything go with its timing. Don’t worry about the season ahead as you have to handle the one you are in. It will just come and pass. 

Let’s not give up easily. For instance, when we give up on education and think of survival, both decisions can make a good balance sometimes. However, survival for the present is not worth the fight for if it is more than the one used to invest for the future. 

There is a difference between survival for today and for the future. For example, if you think of helping elders for survival today, then you will also need to struggle building the future for survival in the future. The time for building future is now or never. 

If that opportunity for education is there, seize it no matter what the situation is. Ignore comments like “you are selfish and heartless or so on” because in the future, they will surely appreciate the decision they are criticizing you on today. That is if only you succeed. 

For the case of ladies, your today’s critics will go to the extent of asking you to get married or arranging it for you, but remember that there is a difference between a wedding  and a marriage. Do not be tempted by flowers. Everyone will contribute and be present at your wedding but your marriage is yours alone whether it succeeds or fails. 

That brings us to the fact of why we should be careful choosing a partner, not a family member to do it for us. Let us find a partner basing on the basics of a strongly founded relationship not on our age, influence by affluence, your folks’ needs or peer pressure.
Dear Sisters, such a situation is when we get to know the real women or queens. All we go through will shake off with our determination. Maintain our dignity and confidence and do all it takes for a better survival for both present and future. 

At times, we end up inviting more troubles and greater challenges by our uncalculated decisions and actions. Let not today use you. But if it does, then let it be training you for tomorrow. 

Allow nothing temporary to enslave you. You are to educate and raise a nation, feed and grow according to the mission. Let your strength be manifested in such a situation. 

To our seniors, you are the mothers of this nation. Therefore, mothers, live the way you want the nation to go, and we shall follow.


Alith Cyer Mayar (Starlady) is a South Sudanese blogger and author of the junior inspiration book, ‘Cry of the Southern Child.”


NB: AFTABOSS reserves the right to edit any text for clarity and other factors. Opinions expressed therein are unto the blogger’s discretions.

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