The Red Line Should Be: ‘No South Sudanese Should Suffer Anymore’!

From a villager: By Dut-machine de Mabior 

“President Cyril Matamela deputized Jacob Zuma for 4 years until the latter resigned amidst wide corruption claims. He didn’t become an automatic failure because Jacob did fail. Indeed, he by a matter of principles stood with President Zuma all through it and voted against a motion of no confidence in his boss. 

President Mwai Emilio deputized Daniel Moi for  10 years but when Kenya decided to have a new dawn evicting the KANU reign, it’s Kibaki who had earlier fell out with President Moi they confided in. 

This weird feeling among Junubin that anyone who failed under Salva Kiir is also a failure could s/he ascend to presidency is not supported by logic! It’s just a mere broad brush nonsense to keep the incumbent in J1 claiming there is no an alternative! Where?

It’s now President Salva should just decide for the best of South Sudan to go. Appoint someone within his group to lead or agree to the position on the government of technocrats. Either way, his absence from J1 will mark a new dawn for South Sudan. Next round of peace shouldn’t go on waste because a certain Salva Kiir’s position is a red line. The red line this round must be: NO SOUTH SUDANESE SHOULD SUFFER ANYMORE”

Meanwhile, we can continue to rant…


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