Letter from James Gatdet Dak’s elder  brother 

Dear James Gatdet Dak,
Wutdeet: As the eldest child in our family, you have been an excellent role model to us, some of which; you are patient, humble, generous, courageous, talent, and most importantly a devoted Christian.
People that come to know you during your growth would attest this facts better than myself. A real traits from our father! 
As an eldest child in the Lampuar’s family, you have taken a good care of your siblings, and not only that you have also shown a truest sense of nationalism by joining the Movement (SPLM) and helped it with your pen until attained it’s independent in 2011. 
Like other South Sudanese who have gotten opportunity to Western world, instead,  after acquired your education you came back home (South Sudan) and directly put your wisdom behind the leaders to achieve that desired self-determination that resulted into current sovereignty of state.
With solemn heart to say, I remember, in 2002 during the merger of two SPLMs, both you and late Dr.Samson Kwaji could almost spent the whole days and nights in Nairobi ensuring the documents to be signed by both late Dr.Garang and Dr.Machar were authentic and people’s interest appealing…
This is indeed an effort an intellectual and an intelligent minded person could help his people with.

Its that merging, that you tirelessly worked for, that culminated in the independent of South Sudan, for if Junubins were to remained divided, there  could be barely a South Sudan today standing by its feet. 
Jesus said,  “Give Siseer what belongs to Siseer and to God what belongs to God”.Your contribution might not be known by many, for a real leader is not for show, but is the one who works behind the curtain for the betterment of the public.
If there are people today enjoying the dividends of this country, and boasting of their contributions to this nation, then you are one among them.
Not by surprise though, on the 12th, February 2018, the family have learned your being sentenced to 20 years in jail or death penalty whatever terms its…
Indeed this news, comes with heavy heart to learn not that you are immortal but the case is baseless here on earth and in heaven. 
With no doubt, God Himself won’t forsake those with hands on this conspiracy.
The war in South Sudan has been raging for five years with a lot of atrocities committed by arm forces, whilst only you been speaking with the volumes of truths to at least make sure the county’s leadership changed the gears for war to stop, thus a lasting peace should prevailed.
Today in the absence of justice, they called your voice a “Treason against the state”
Practically speaking, for the last five years, you have never fired a single bullet to the opponent, but likes of Taban Deng,  Ezekiel Lol and Gathoth Gatkuoth did it one way the other, yet today the later conspired against you and betrayed you like Jesus of Nazareth…
However as a Christian, I believe you know what had happened to Judas Iscariot after betrayed/sold Jesus with 35 silver coins only!
Please be rest assured that, like Judas in the bible, someone among the conspirators sooner than later will follow your resting shades before your flesh decomposes, if at all attempted. 
Why and how: For the last five years, its not in the culture of Nuer and Dinka resorting to kidnapping whenever both are at war, hence this cowardice culture is not in their bloods.
However with this alarming shock, today Taban Deng and Lol Nyakier Pienyliew have introduced this barbaric crime in to our society. 
As, a result of this new culture, rest assured that the duos (Taban and Lol) if indeed broken your finger, let alone your soul, then will definitely pay an immense price.
Wutdeet: In this crime committed against you, your family members will not fight Dinka because it’s your own brothers (Taban Deng and Lol Gatkuoth) that have done this, so why would one go to Waraap when the culprits are around with us! 
Like in your case, they have their families in our vicinity, and whether the hell is hot/cold, someone from these cowardice families will definitely join you within the shortest time possible, should they carried on with this project. 
In short, it’s up to Taban and Lol to reverse their action on this matter, or let’s call it the darkest age in the Nuer history. 
Paul Tethloach Dak Lampuar

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