I know, all of us do not share the same feeling about James Gatdet Dak’s unfair Death Sentence. But regardless, he’s a human, who did not have a fair hearing and his sentence. As we all may silently acknowledge, the process is entirely political and somehow tribally motivated!

The other time, it was Counsel Dong Luak and Aggrey Idri and many countless others. Today, it’s James Gatdet Dak and the next day, the hand of this “injustice and prejudice” may greedily grab your closet aides and even worse, yourself! You did not speak and expose it to the world, the other time, who do you think will speak for you when it’s your turn?

The family of James Gatdet Dak is in deep, remorseful pain right now. Let us show our modest humanity and share our deep sympathy with them. Let us not stop here. Let us also expose this vicious act of dehumanizing to the entire world by demanding a #stop to Death Sentence of Gatdet Dak! 

You can pick a picture from here and post on [hashtag] #FreeJamesGatdetDak as most of you have already done and continue to do so, on all your social media outlets.

#TCF  ~ Gatwal A. Gatkuoth

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