By Garang John

However much hatred, selfishness and greed for power might have overridden our commitment to preserve the hard won independence of South Sudan, let’s try at any cost to keep that sense of humanity alive. 
To my beloved President Salva Kiir Mayardit, I have never asked anything from you since I started my work at the national TV station initially known as SSTV, now turned SSBC, until now but at this juncture, I kindly need a favor from you. Exercise your powers my beloved President Kiir and overturn the death sentence I understand is given to James Gatdet Dak, the former Spokesperson of the rebel leader, Dr. Riek Machar. 

I have had numerous funerals around me since I was young. Kindly make me smile as I discharge my duties for the nation. FREE GATDET! He will help me and other journalists in the defense for our great nation. 

We have countless wars to fight against foreign nations as our boundaries remain exposed to threats. Spare Gatdet and if it is impossible, I am ready to sacrifice my life for him if the constitution allows please. 

This request has neither political affiliation nor blood relations, but a genuine call from a citizen who couples as a nationalist. 

My fellow colleague Aliandro Lotok at the national broadcasting corporation, SSBC may be a witness to this; James Gatdet was among many of us who stood on the ground of truth, helping our national army through the media during the battle for Panthou (Heglig) against Sudan.

 My beloved President Salva Kiir, kindly spare this man life for our great nation. He will be of great help to our nation! His brain is unmatched! We need him alive. I know you have forgiven many army generals and politicians who were directly involved in the killing of innocent civilians and even attempted to overthrow you and you personally rewarded them with positions in the Transitional Government of National Unity, TGONU and are now enjoying dividends they fought against. 

We as human are prone to mistake. Let’s leave judgement to Almighty. ( I apologize to friends and relatives who advised me to stop writing on social media. I couldn’t hold back on this issue. Kindly join me in the call to give James Gatdet a chance to live.) 

As long as we live, South Sudan will never succumbed to opportunists! 

I neither need any promotion in the government nor do I need to help any relative gets promotion in the TGONU because I know President Kiir knows who he needs to keep the nation on the right track.

Long live My people, my country, my army and my President.
By Garang John 

The SSTV News reporter.

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