Open Letter to American People and Government

Equatoria Youth White Paper


We Equatoria Youth learned with grave shock the anti-US demonstration in Juba yesterday 06/02/2018. The group of Youth organized by Juba University Dinka students and Dinka Chiefs led the violent demonstration against the Arms Embargo decision on South Sudan is a very unfortunate move and does not represent the opinion of sound minded South Sudanese and Equatoria Youth in particular.
We earlier on wrote to welcome the decision and we believe it is the right step towards achieving peace and stability in the world young Nation. We are fully aware that South Sudanese people needs food, Education, health care, roads and Economic improvements which are much desired. The country is full of weapons in thousands, in which many are on the custody of unauthorized people, cattle keepers and thieves who are branded as unknown gunmen, the people of South Sudan are dying every day and night, guns are claiming lives, simple curable disease are claiming lives and famine is at intolerable stage yet the government still purchase weapons to wage war on citizens who are perceived to be enemies. Wage war on groups who are agitating for reforms and Democratic transformation of the country.

We are fully aware that the demonstration is carried by Mathiangnyoor  machineries and former militia mobilized by Jieng Elders and were formerly allied to the ousted notorious Chief of Staff, Gen. Paul Malong Awan. This group are now wanderers in Juba and disgusted themselves as civilian Youth to cause confrontational relationship with United State of America.

We, Equatorian Youth will not participate or take part in such uncall for demonstration against United State decision to enforce arms embargo in South Sudan. The decision is a reflection of our stable future, we know who Americans are, we know how Americans stood firm under the Administration of H.E George Walter Bush and his secretary of State Collins Powell to pressure Sudan government through a number of  ultimatums that prompted the signing of the 2005 comprehensive peace Agreement. Americans opened their doors to thousands of South Sudanese refugees and dreamers including the young people and the loss boys, they made us who we are today and we have had the referendum platform to vote for our own country, Americans funded the only tarmac road which today is the only viable Economic route which the South Sudanese leaders are busy squandering the oil funds. While America was sympathizing with the vulnerable South Sudanese in the 21 years of war, Russia was busy providing President Bashir with sophisticated  weapons to maim out South Sudanese, China was busy drilling oil for Sudan to fund all out war against SPLM. We are indeed shocked with the recent remarks of the greedy First Vice President who openly denounced and denied American effort and contribution for peace in South Sudan.

We urged for American steadfastness and sympathy for the people of South Sudan who lacks leaders and those leaders who worked for the people did not get the opportunity to make live better for the people of South Sudan.

Currently the People of South Sudan were surviving under the mercy of the international community, America as a leading member of the International community contributes much of the lives saving aid, the government can not afford to pay regular salaries of their officials, can not afford to buy even polio vaccines, or simple five killer diseases for children. If not of World Health Organization and other International organizations funded by USAID how will the situation be for children in both urban and rural areas. This Kiir and Taban Deng administration is not completely realistic, they believe on reign of power and are ready to kill any critic in order to consolidate power.

We urge for your support, do not give up on us or turn your back to the people of South Sudan and Equatoria region in particular, our villages are no more, this same Mathiangnyoor insolent rascals who demonstrates in Juba are the very group employed as machineries to displace our villages, rape our women including aged women, they burned huts and humans alive and target every non Dinka citizens.

However, we would like to give you our assurance that we are still strong enough to bring significant changes on the future of this country. We shall triumph one day and earnest our potentials.

We shall cooperate with Americans and we believe in the American spirit of greatness.

Please accept our assurance and regards for Americans people and government.

EYWP Senior Management Team.

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