The South Sudan diplomacy had failed completely due to lack of representation , and collaboration between Ministry of foreign affairs and J1.

The South Sudan first vice president Taban Deng Gai said live on SSBC today that as I quote in several quotes ;
” We have called our ambassador to United  States ”
” We defeated USA in United Nation Security Council ”
” United States is NOT our partner ,  Russia and China are our main partners”.
Honestly speaking,  this is the beginning of the suffering of innocent South Sudanese. Perhaps I supposed to say it could be the beginning of the end for SPLM/A legacy in South Sudan. 
I assume you will be drawing the (HOW? Question) in your mind .
Let me explain it why I said it is the beginning of the suffering /and the end of SPLM/A legacy. !
SPLM as the ruling party and the only dominant political party in South Sudan since 1983 had gone into wrong path.

I believe those statement I heard from the first vice president are driven by anger and frasturation because of the  arm embargo imposed last week  by the United States of America on South Sudan.
To get back to the main argument of why i pointed out the failure of South Sudan diplomacy, there are  fundamental issues and factors that led to the failure of South Sudan diplomacy. 
Firstly : President Salva kiir accepted the august agreement of 2015 and gave autonomy power to foreign affairs minister Deng Alor Koul who in other hand working against the same government. The South Sudanese transitional government is lacking both the sound  external  policies and representation . The reason being is the lack of cooperation and collaboration between president kiir group and G10.

Due to sabotaging one another ,  I recall Ambassador Joseph Ayok the former undersecretary of the foreign affairs ministry and a close ally to General Paul Malong & President kiir was dismissed by  Minister Deng Alor in 21 December 2016. Reason being was due to sharing  the information about “new recruitment ” with  J1. Simply there was no budget and Minister Deng Alor wanted to fill the 24 mission with his affiliates. The J1 in other hand had to work in countering the sabotaging policies designed by the ministry of foreign affair . In that manner Ambassador Bol Wek in J1 is acting in his capacity as the chief administrator for the office of the president and at the same time acting in another capacity  to carry out tasks related to foreign affairs via J1. The level of collaboration between Ambassador Bol Wek and the former Undersecretary Ambassador Ayok in 2016 was seen as a threate by Deng Alor Koul , eventually it had an impact on Deng Alor’s sabotaging policies against president kiir. So the result was that  to cut off the tie between Foreign affairs and J1 by removing Ambassador Joseph Ayok from the post of undersecretary for the ministry of foreign affairs.  There is another factor which could be seen clearly from the spoken words and statements of the first vice president. Through Taban Deng today’s  statement , it shown that the South Sudan & United State are losing each others;  and this could result in bad consequences for the republic of  South Sudan and her people. 
The relationship between United States of America and South Sudan was initiated by the ” referendum & independent  of South from North Sudan. Many of you will recall the event of 9/11/2001 when Osama bin ladin attacked  the world trade center /or the   twins  towers in New York. The moment which pushes America to recognize the imminent  threat of radical  Islam in the world and especially in Africa .  That was the moment America government made the decision to put more pressure on president  AL-Bashir to accept the CPA and give the Southerners the right to vote for their self determination.  That was the #partnership Mr 1st Vice president. Russian government in other hand was always helping South Sudan since the beginning of the SPLA/M. Russian  were there for Southerners even as recently as when Obama administration was determined to wipe out president kiir in 2016. Russia used veto power to stop countless resolutions proposed by either USA or UN against South Sudan  at United Nations Security Council (UNCS) in 2016.  Russia had done it without seeking a  “returned benefits ” from kiir’s government.  But China had been exploring our oil fields since 1995 during the Sudan Civil war  . Before the negotiations and the  singing of the  CPA ,  China was eventually there digging out minerals and taking our oil. China is doing her business and caring less about the South Sudan nation’s interests . So simply the statement of the  1st vice president is outrageous and unresponsibily . In fact that statement  will cause great damage to the country in so many ways . Yes I personally wrote countless articles about the position of United States in South Sudan. All the happening events were long  projected and if anyone is interested to go back on my writings since 2012 on this very page ,  I believe you will see it all coming .
The  first vice-president Taban claimed “America is NOT a partner ” well may be you can’t see it clearly Mr 1st vice president BUT America is NOT just a partner in South Sudan , America is the owner of South Sudan if you can’t see that . When the Deputy Minister of Foreign affairs went to Kenya and accepted the 500 RPF ,  it was America who proposed the 3500 troops on top of the agreed 500 regional protection forces . Did you or president kiir objected American decision? ??  Remember it was John Kerry who endorsed your legality as the 1st vice president. When the IGAD plus were skeptical about recognizing you as ligitimate 1st vice president ,  it was the same United States of America recognized you and locked up Dr.Riek in Pretoria.  Besides,  South Sudan is not in position to confront United States otherwise SPLM/A mission will be moving from #mission #impossible to  #mission #freaking #insanity .

America is in your neck and nothing you will do about it unless you work for the peace and harmony of South Sudan. The self-centered interests war game must be pit to an end otherwise it is getting darker than before. 
Leadership must learn to contains the words of anger and use diplomacy  ,  because this is just like adding #salt to the #wound . SPLM will be a history if America is no longer your partner and mark my words.  Your anger and frasturation will bring nothing apart from adding suffering to the lives of  innocent people of South Sudan. The suffering majority feel unimaginable pain that you or your family don’t feel. Define the problem and provide solutions rather than creating more conflicts with the world most superpower nation. United States was  the yesterday partner who helped you to maintain the seat of Dr.Riek Machar ,  you need to read between the ======. 
I apologize to my readers for being too specific on South Sudan’s 1st vice president, but this argument had been  ignited by the comments made by him without considering the impact of what he said on our nation and her people. America is our long time ally , and yes it  has own interests in South Sudan soil just like the rest of those other countries in our East/or North  Africa region . We must  acknowledge that because we know what we have. Whether we like it or not the United States has been the engine driving South Sudan to be independent . 

” where is Dr.John Garang now ???
Have you ever heard Dr.John saying anything close to what General Taban said about America, yet we talk about smartest people in SPLM. 😦
This is the beginning of the suffering and could be the beginning of the end for  SPLM/A legacy too.
To be continued. ……..
Thanks for reading. 
Abu Sultan Rech Dinchol. 
Political Analyst -RSS

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