REACTION TO A NEWS PIECE: ‘Taban Deng Rejects Kiir’s Stepping Down’

​ By Aleer Agutmagook

The article published on the 27th January, 2018 in Sudan Tribune ‘Taban Deng rejects stepping down of Salva Kiir’ could have received some funny comments if people were to write;

Jok Madut Jok would call it ‘fallacy — a flaw in logic that occurs when someone is making an argument’

Jon Pen would call it ‘an owl goal or boot-licking’ and he would dare clicking it because he would think that the opinion is wacky. 

Ngor-gutakalthi Deng-gutakaldit would call it ‘Jam lo rur-ruur’ (weird, silly)

Bior Mayom Deu, Matiop Wuoi Kuai, and Petero Ngor Atem Nyok would refer to it as ‘unconstitutional and unlawful.’

PaanLuel Wël would write ten articles analyzing it and later would conclude that ‘Tribocracy is the only option that can help the situation’

But Mr. President would rubbish all these thinking and his comment would be like “Taban is inu right, ashan inu I will bring the unity of our people.”

After all, what is my business here, ku Mamer Alier Riak aciee thok nyaai nekake juriic with is Degree in Political science?

Why should I insist pondering if Alier Kingdom refuses to give us the worsening demographic data he gets in Jonglei in this economic meltdown considering his too much knowledge in developmental economics? 

The world environmental scientist, Makur Akuei Gak is not even willing to say something little about resumption of Jonglei Canal project and its impact on the Sudd!

Then, why then ‘can liok egam eya?’

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