COMING SOON: My Arrest Escapades by NISS…

By Peter Kuot Ngong

(Coming soon…) – 9 years on, am working on an article about my arrest by National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) in 2009 for writing a negative comment against Riek Machar, the then Vice President of the Government of Southern Sudan and how Bor youth and especially students at Dr. John Garang University, threatened to storm NISS to forcefully free me, and the furious reaction by Gen. Kuol Manyang Juuk, the then Governor of Jonglei State ordering NISS to meet youth with live bullets and subsequently announcing at Leudier Cathedral that I will be arraigned at a public rally for possible execution by firing squad. 
But I will  point out the boldness of one gentleman Nhial Abednego Ngarjok aka Abednego Nhial, who was inside the church at the time and who confronted the lion of the days, Gen. Kuol Manyang Juuk after church service to challenge his inhuman decision against me. Though many were involved, the last manoeuvre by Nhial Abednego was seen as the last minute rescue from a man who was making a decision to test his jungle laws and his wrath once more, accusing me of being a threat to Dinka and Nuer unity by attacking a man that the Nuer community not only support but follow. 

On top of all these, NISS was divided because the case was pursued by Nuer officers in NISS who were directly communicating with Riek Machar, and who manhandled and thrown me into a dirty cell. The NISS’s Dinka Officers jumped in, averted the politicization of the issue and played their games to ensure I get away with all the good insults I uttered against bëny Riek Machar.

All in all, in this particular case, “wët ke Atëët” (like Philip T and Nhial Ngarjok) and some wët ke Palek like Thon Kur Anyieth aka #Average, were at the extreme end sending out all the threats but inside NISS, one Senior Officer (his name withheld till he give me his consent to mention him) played the game that ensured I got away with the case that was being magnified. He met me for a secret meeting just before the investigations commence and urged me never to do anything stupid by being apologetic before the NISS investigation committee that was comprised of officers from different tribes. He told me “Riek deserve it and history is your witness, go and we are behind you.”

I will also have  2 other articles on my arrest by police, a case brought against me by one Jonglei Minister, all in 2009 and the threats against The Star Newspaper in Juba in 2012 for which I was its editor for covering Arthur Akuien versus Pagan Amum corruption accusations and counter accusations, all these because of my writing. 

This is to look back and to remind some few who view my writing in negative way that I didn’t start writing today and I will not stop writing because I will always be myself and never will I be recreated into somebody else. 

One thing you need to know is that I write responsibly, I back up my writings with evidence and that is what has always earned me respect among some understandable readers. No wonder today Facebook is a diverse community of people who read but do not understand, who write but do not understand what they are writing and who both write and read but do not understand. These people will always jump to the conclusions and judgements.  

Any one can read and write but it takes a wise few to understand, analyse and respond constructively. It takes a few to understand the world properly that we will never think the same way. 


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