​When You’re Famous For Lies And Betrayals, You Can Get Punched Anytime.

By Anei Mal

“Dear Ambassador Gordon Buay,

On November 7, 2017, I publicly responded to your uncalled for attacked on my step-mother, Madam Lucy. I also reminded you that your duty as a diplomat lies in improving external relations of South Sudan with the world, and not in the nitty gritty of its internal affairs. But have you listened? The answer is a big no! You have now opened a new line of attack against my father, incessantly calling him names as a way of endearing yourself to those who are holding the strings of our national purse. 

Amb. Buay, has it ever occurred to you that the resources you are selling your soul for rightfully belong to you? Has it ever occurred to you that with proper governance in place in South Sudan you won’t need to make a living as character assassin? 

If you were smart enough, you would have realized that governments are ephemeral – both in democracies and dictatorships. Nothing lasts forever. Your current profession of offering your unsolicited services as an attack dog will surely bring you to your own destruction in the near future when this dust settles. 

Since, your business is attacking others by labelling them as rebels, let me remind you of your own checkered history. Have you forgotten your history of betrayal toward the aspirations of South Sudan? Weren’t you the same Gordon Buay Malek, who used to stand in Talisman press conferences justifying the killing of South Sudanese, at the time Gen. Malong you are vilifying now was fighting the government of Sudan whose military prowess was being aided by Talisman you sold your services to? 

You need to be ashamed that everything you have achieved in life was at the expense of the blood of innocent people. The education you are misusing today was achieved at the expense of human rights violations committed against communities in oil producing areas that Talisman paid you to deny. You were a poster boy for Talisman’s public relations campaign. 

Just because the government of the day have chosen to forget its enemies of yesteryears shouldn’t embolden you to embark on besmirching the reputation of people who sacrificed so much for South Sudan’s to be a country. 

Your ostentatious display and theatrical writings in support of government in social media are not only absurd, but are also comical if judged by your recent history. Who does not know that you were the first man to overthrow President Kiir? Do you remember declaring yourself President of the Republic of South Sudan in the YouTube video? Amb. Buay, if you need to be reminded, you are the real “Lord of Coups” to use sister Daniella Valentino Wol phrase. 

It is a fact that what is keeping you in the government fold presently are few dollars they hand out to you each time you falsely attack others. Yours is a green a buck patriotism! You won’t remain loyal for a day if money is remove from the equation, not even that sinecure ambassadorial position will keep you in the ambit of government if no dollars are dispensed 

Since your interest is money and no substance, I would like to conclude by advising you to desist from urging my brother and I or any other family member to talk to my father on political matters. If your constant character assassination of others soothes those who are stressed because of their own blunders, then keep doing it for them and please leave our family out. 

Anei Malong Awan”

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