Imagine The Stress, Pain, Bleeding Or Death At Childbirth And You’re Nothing Thereafter! 

By Adol Makeny Dhieu

​Curiosity kill the cat, but I am not that cat. I just need to learn more about the roots of certain things in  our “culture”, the packaging attire. It’s like this: 

From conception to birth, a baby breathes, feeds and eliminates wastes through its mother’s blood.  

Nine sleepless and restless months later,  she labours. Every inch  of her living cells and nerves, sensitized and fired up, lightening aside. Then comes the push, the push and the push!!! 

For men, and women who are yet to experience childbirth, close your eyes for a second and imagine the passageway  and  that razor sharp pain, it burns too (not scaring you sisters GIRLs , it is relatively easy for others).  

Then,  comes the blood that fed and sustained it for 9 months, in a free flow. Don’t be fooled by the stomach, all that blood is not housed in the womb in which water and the  baby were. Most of it, if not  all, is flowing off your very living blood vessels. 

Women die from haemorrhage, countless so, in “Shithole” countries like South Sudan! For the fortunate few who haemorrhage and survive easy like myself, you escape with a transfusion, if lucky, a manageable iron deficiency anaemia requiring you to swallow some metallic  taste-like iron tabs for months.

Then come the second round of sleeplessness, newborn.

Now, how here, does  a woman become so insignificant in her sons or daughters’ life in comparison to the father whose job was a joyride at conception and supportive therein, at best?

Shouldn’t they have equal rights towards anything and everything  to do with their children? 

My opinion: I  think they should. 

Regardless of how much we women go through, men have their share of struggle elsewhere, we are equally parents, just like the genes that make us. God was not stupid to split a being into two sets of chromosomes. 

So where then,  do certain aspects of  Dinka culture get the audacious belief that a mother is important at care and less important at giving her child an identity?

Please note:  I am not talking surnames, we go by our fathers. That goes undisputed here.

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