By John M. Martin

With recent Trump’s outburst about immigrants from Haiti and African countries, some Africans or ones with African origin were offended, and they reacted differently to this racial blur.Of course other people from other continents were also not happy, but for the sake of my subjects, I will keep it at home. 

Many told their stories about their love for this country (USA), others pointed out the services they are doing here in America, et cetera. This is completely OK because one will never get a consensus on matters of opinions. 

However, I personally wasn’t offended. Of course what he said was a generalization. I also don’t endorse the manner and the language, but that doesn’t nullify his label on the continents and other countries. My mother used to say that I should never be offended for something that I brought upon myself. So did we not call this upon ourselves? 

Again, it depends on personal lenses. I personally think so. This particular video of a college student confessing and confirming how his country, Nigeria, is a shithole, makes many points that I like. And even more, I believe South Sudan will relate more to it than any other country. 

Others might argue that we should not compare ourselves with America because it is over 200 years old: That they were once in this situation we are in right now. This “Young Nation” excuse is a very common excuse, especially in South Sudan and its model, Uganda. I was not surprised when Museveni asked people in his cabinet, “…You think that Ugandans haven’t read the book of Genesis, to know that things take time?” This speech was depressing, but that is another story. 

My point is, this “I am still a baby” arguments doesn’t hold when it comes to human-related defaults: corruption, nepotism, hostility on media etc. You can’t kill journalists and your excuse is that you are a young nation. 

Another problem with this commonly abused excuse is that it loosen pressure for leaders to make progress. Can you imagine if children would make mistakes and tell their parents that they are not yet of age to do right? I bet I would still be mentally a baby if that was the case.

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