Your Ex-cellencies, 


Look, this shit of mine,

I write it often,

I write it open,

For my peace of mind.


I’m the first class shitizen

(Struggling to be a citizen)

From the Republic of Shithole

Petitioning the Union of Shithole.

To you under his ass,

Who look down on us

And what you see is all shitholes

As we look up and see all assholes,


If Trump calls us Shithole residents,

How won’t you be Shithole Presidents?

When he looks up he sees you as Assholeans,

Then down he looks and sees us as Shitholeans!


Therefore, Your X-cellencies, this shit is on us whole,

For we’ve turned our continent into a bloody Asshole!

With our situation neither getting eased in the East,

Change! Else we continue to waste away in the West!



Book Title: The Eased Africa I Want 

Poem #101: From The Shitizen To The Union of Shithole

Poet: Jon Pen de Ngong  

Series: Politics in Poetics

Publisher: Master Text Collector Ltd.

Time of Plublication: February 2018

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