​Response to Manyang David Mayar: ‘Brand New Year as for Proactive Persons and not for Reactive Individuals.’

By ‘Proff.’ John Agata

I came across your article during my media roller coaster ride in shape of a response to Zack Mayul’s masterpiece entitled “Who really cares about the new year?”, as linked here:

Response to Zack Mayul: The New Year is for proactive persons, not reactive individuals

And I hereby inform you not to get so excited about the new year because only the calendar has changed and everything is still the same as far as the countdown from 2013 hitherto is concerned.

I must say your response caught me hostage for one or two minutes before it released me to my keyword to prepare some theoretical dishes for you.

Before I serve the first dish allow me express my gratitude to you for the advise offered about the new year not being for reactive individuals but for proactive persons despite the thesis not convincing enough.

You jolly well know as I do that the author mentioned a number of case studies, from school/work’s schedules, political miscarriages to inflation, in an attempt to put more weight on his view about not welcoming the new year with open hands.

But you decided to make political reprimands as your point of view in embedding traits of proactive persons. A thing my little knowledge about psychology is telling me an “hidden agenda” is being sugar coated here.

Again, you’ve strongly advised the author to solely focus on his life— finish his degree, get a job, get money, marry, get a child, live happily in Juba etc. Isn’t this a perfect example of building castles in the air?

It’s like advising a businessman to put up an uninsured business in Syria and expect it thrive. Cmon! Are we really being honest?

How do you convinced us that it’s just as simple as exchanging a girl with a herd of cattle to finish your degree and get a job in this messed up country where connections speak louder than qualifications?

How do you expect someone to get marry and settled happily in a country where unknown gunmen automatically becomes our chief guest whenever we cough or stretch in beds?

Just because someone perches in Kiir’s compound doesn’t mean we’re residents in that same compound.

We’re going through a lot my brother Manyang David Mayar.

And we’ve every reason not to welcome the New Year with jubilation as far as the current regime in Junub is concerned. Just like we’ve every reason to harness resources(social media) at our disposal to air our grievances. 

Advising someone like Zack Mayul to cease exercising his constitutional right(freedom of expression), just because a tall figure somewhere is uncomfortable is like telling him to climb the tree from the top. A thing that even clergymen will hesitate first before jumping to their “nothing is impossible” phrase.


NB: Views expressed herein are not necessarily the AFTABOSS’s.

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