Oh the lovely mango tree!

For her shade they were now scrambling

Fighting fiercely; still others were gambling 

For her beauty they were babbling and wrangling 

Not knowing this lone farmer that kept her dazzling 

The one who used to prune her daily 

Watering her to nurture her roots daily 

Now becoming a fruitful tree worthy and sweet 

How they love ready made things 

How funny and lazy they are these beings


Oh the lovely mango tree!

He was not nurturing this tree for dependency 

The tree and the farmer were symbiotically related

An endless and ecstatic honeymoon

A complete interdependency 

That needs no consecration or ordination 

From any deity or organization 

Just flowing endlessly like the waters of the Nile 

In the hearts of the farmer and that mango tree

A beautiful atmosphere that no money can buy


Oh the lovely mango tree!

Monsters and mammoths are roaring and rumbling

They are now planning to robe that poor farmer

Others are offering him blackmarket prices

Others want to blackmail him with outdated stories 

The surrounding is even threatening with aridity

At such conditions the farmer returns to his source 

To search for answers deep down the abyss of life

He has seen the light which is hidden from them


Oh the lovely mango tree!

A bone of contention among these evil-wishers

The mango tree was planted before their arrivals

By that perseverance and persistence farmer

And they still want to delete him to take it for free

What then will his efforts count for?

The cosmic judge must hear this case

Come and judge the farmer and his rivals

And save the poor farmer from this dark race


By Ahochthon


Published under our #Aftapoets Section.

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