Book Review: THE CRY Of The South Sudanese  Children

​Book Authored By: Alith Cyer Mayar

NB:This is a part of the book The Cry not the whole book though it’s small in volume.

South Sudan children went through great agony and sorrow,it might not be the greatest agony because there are countries going through the greatest agony and sorrow more than South Sudan. But for the faith we have in God and prayers that we take time in to ask for His mercy will one day work and South Sudan will one day be the greatest Nation. For the challenges South Sudanese are going through happened for a reason. A great man,the late Nelson Mandela once said”there is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountain top of our desires ,” So I believe this is what happened in South Sudan;we all lost loved ones,I do not only call them loved ones,but heros and heroines because their lives were lost for the sake of South Sudan.

Women and girls of South Sudan might have tripped over and felt humbug, put a wet blanket on that thinking because you are the lady that is productive and can make a change. South Sudan can go to greater heights through team work as said”united we stand and divided we fall” so my dear South Sudanese let’s stand together and make a change in the great nation. South Sudan can be politically, economically and Socially stable and the decision is ours to make it . South Sudan is the country that needs patriotic and literate people for development. It must have the people who have it at heart. Those who lead it not for the sake of being in power but for the sake of being the key to it’s development, happiness and unity of her people.

The newly independent country South Sudan got her independence in July 9th 2011,her first president became HE Salva Kiir Mayardit. The people South Sudan have derailed from peace and unity. They in lieu engaged themselves in tribalism due to discord and cattle raiding among other tribes. South Sudan is a country that belongs to many tribes;which are about 64 in number,they need to know that they all have rights for all the resources available. As a South Sudanese, I believe that we can carry out farming. We have the fertile soils and the needed rain to help us in agriculture. We can feed our great nation in lieu of exporting food from the neighboring countries. There is a saying “God helps those who help themselves.” Most of South Sudan’s income comes from oil which is not helping the enormous population of South Sudan. If we do not emerge our economic secters,we will not go forward. The crops we plant  may not be enough to be exported but we can use them to feed the great Nation instead of using income from oil to import food which can help in other areas of development. This can greatly improve the standard of living of South Sudan and also help to save our suffering and starving brothers and sisters who can not afford these expensive imports.

The innocent natives of South Sudan thought they have now left the atrocities of wars and crimes against innocent civilians but to their disappointment innocent mothers are still losing their sons and fathers who went to combat the war which is humbug for instance the 15th December 2013 crisis which led to lose of millions of innocent civilians and properties.

Most of our mothers became widows and our fathers became widowers while our brothers and sisters became orphans. The lucky orphans got gem and supportive relatives to cater for them while the unfortunate ones looked at the sky and asked God why them.

Some orphans just gave up and joined the peer groups for instance the street children, robbers and alcoholic children and the ones who gave up on life. It is normal to face challenges because for they are giants on our way to the promised land and the tests God has for us,so stand out for yourselves and be the people that were meant to be the heroes and heroines  not losers who gave up on life.

The street children can be turned to be a home children though it is hard it is possible so let them leave the live being starved,beaten and talked to in a seedy language and give them homes which will make them feel like human beings. Many children today are cry because of poverty. The prices in South Sudan are so high which is not affordable to all the citizens because they might receive only 500ssp or below in which school fees,clothing, shelter, food and so on are needed but to their disappointment, they find all these tripling their salary and some will opt to spend it on rent hence their children being hungry and not going to school, children are the future generation; they are the ones who will make tomorrow’s South Sudan.

When it is independence Day our brothers and sisters or the death of our fathers and mothers ask”what are we celebrating;the death of our brothers and sisters or the death of our fathers and mothers?” With these questions?” Some who lost their relatives ask,”Is it the death of our relatives that we are celebrating?”with these questions they end up shedding tears rather than joy and happiness. Mothers and their children curiously wait for their fathers to come home. Others do not even come back,hence their families waiting in vain.Some children are bien in places where they only know the names and sounds of guns. How to combat brothers and sisters and how to revenge.

Tribalism is growing in every young generation because that is what their elders have been practicing; talking ill about other tribes and combating them. Innocent South Sudanese are being killed. For tribalism to stop,South Sudanese must teach their children the value of peace,nationalism and live for their fellow denizens.This great nation belongs to all the sixty for tribesbin South Sudan: So the elders of this great nation should educate their children about the dendrites of tribalism. We should focus on the development of this great nation and this can be only achieved with unity.

The youth cry of unemployment which is a shame though:A person who went to school is not a job seeker but a job creater. If you begin with the little you have,you will reign and the ones you were asking to employ will seek for you.

The South Sudanese children cry everyday for peace which is just a word mentioned and promised to be brought to them by the politicians; they wake up everyday to see and feel the peace.Running day and night from the gunshots in order to find a peaceful place for refuge,our fellow brothers and sisters are crying and doubting their future.

Our mothers are praying and crying everyday for our fathers to come back from the battles they went to combat.

For South Sudan to go to greater heights in the development and transformation,we must live in peace and harmony through unity. The absence of peace and unity can cause more harm than good to the future to the future of South Sudan. Most of our countrymen and children who lost their parents during the civil war are homeless, search for shelter,love and somebody to advice and guide them through their lives.


                                    About The Author

Alith Cyer Mayar was born in 1997 September 20 in Khartoum,Sudan.A high school graduate in 2017, science section, biology. She has a deep passion for literature and History. Starlady became her name after believing that she will light the life of humans in the dark and give them another reason to smile and appreciate their living. She is living to give back to humanity and make a difference in her country. She opts to write more books and represent her country in literature.
                             About The Book

The Cry of the South Sudanese Children was written by Alith Cyer Mayar in her Primary Seven or Primary Leaving vacation and published after a long time gained confidence with the help of her English teacher and editor, Eboku Simon and her mother Elizabeth Alith Bol Adiang. The book was published when she reached second year and her readers were the school and the few that accessed her book.

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