Jon Pen’s 2017 Word Cloud from Facebook through Quizzstar

What is the most frequent word you have used in 2017? On the Word Cloud (crowd) meter online here, you will discover what kind of a South Sudanese citizen. It reveals what your interest was in 2017.

For example, when ‘South Sudan’ appears higher or with the biggest fone size in the word cloud picture, it means your love/interest is in that word (PATRIOTISM in the case of South Sudan). 

The picture illustrating this post indicates Jon Pen’s preoccupation this year (2017):

1- South Sudan = PATRIOTISM

2- SPLM-I-O-G, Parties, Speech, etc.= POLITICS

3- Conference, Workshop, Training, Per Diem, etc. = HUMANITARIAN (NGO works)

4- National Dialogue, Salaries, 6 Months, Overtime, etc. = PUBLIC SERVICE (GOV’T)

5- Club, Enjoy, Ticket, DJ, beer, Weekend, etc. = ENTERTAINMENT

6- IGAD, Addis, JMEC, Ceasefire, Delegates, etc. etc. = PEACE TALKS

7- Post, Like, Hashtag, Anataban, SouthSudanIsWatching, etc. = SOCIAL MEDIA

8- Dollar, Rate, SSP, Nilepet, Transport, LC, Contract, etc., = BUSINESS DEALER 

9- Sweet, Heart, Baby, Hi, Date, Love, Chips, etc., = RELATIONSHIP

10- General, Attack, Ambush, Defection, Dead, IO, Bilpam, SPLA, Salaries, etc., = WAR

11- Add your category…

NB: The ranking on the Word Cloud/Crowd exactly measures your personality interests i.e. engagement effort or mindset throughout the year. Click the Quiz link and see for yourself. 



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