The 2017 Christmas Baby is Delivered at Guolyar Bus Park!

By Emmanuel Malual

Two thousand and seventeen years ago, a baby was born on a stable in Bethlehem, Israel, in the month of December 6 AD. That was Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world according to Christian religion.

Also  2,017 years later, a lowly child was born in the bus park at Guolyar, an IDP base in Awerial County, Eastern lakes State of South Sudan. There is nothing miraculous with that child. It is normal, except that the delivery is extraordinary as it was performed in the open.

 Eastern Lakes sometime will now become a state of stories of  generations to generations to come after a woman who was travelling from Gualyar of Awerial county  to Yirol, which is the headquarters of  Eastern Lakes state gave birth in the open place.

The newborn baby fell on the ground after woman was pulled down to deliver in public. 

It is barely a few months after  health  issues have been on headlines in the state. Now that a woman is giving  birth in the street as well as this other woman shocking the passengers traveling to Yirol .

It was on Social Media of the day that man is helping his wife during labor. The news circulating on Social Media as seen in this picture shows a healthy baby falling on the ground just as the woman pulled her dress down to her knees! Her husband became the ‘midwife’ there and then.

After that successful delivery, she was seen squatting down and calmly looking at her newborn child which laid in a pool of blood and amniotic fluid.

Passersby could  also  be heard shouting “kony,  kony” in Dinka, or ‘help, help’ in English.  

When they realized the baby’s  umbilical cord was wrapped around  his neck, moreexperienced help was sought immediately.

South Sudan is leading in mortality at childbirth in the world due to lack of health facilities to provide antenatal and maternity care.

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