HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE: Plus Some Tips On Healthy Love Competition

By Junior William Deng

It is  hard how we learn things at teenage years or in high school. Boys try to be men but some of them don’t think about how to be a man when it comes to seeing girls or hock a few girls but girls, as always, wait and receive proposals whether coming from scruffy looking boys or fashionable boys,  in fact, those who don’t shy become their choices.

There is always a few posh girls in town who would sit there at the counters of the club during back to school jams or at the green corridors of bourgeoisie estates and to approach them you need a rare confidence; maybe self evaluation, whether she would accept you or not and maybe you are not fashionable enough to rag her up or you need a design to fit your strategy. Boys always suffer at making these tough decisions.

I was one boy who was modest, I was neither rich nor poor,  not aggressive or lukewarm, I was that boy who strikes when all opponents to a certain extent have  exhausted their firearms to no avail. 

I could keep around, tap in for a while and take a distance. This earned me many relationships and many enemies at equal measures from those who are not comfortable with losing a girl or those who envied my philosophy.

I witnessed some scruffy  boys winning against  boys who think could have money, fashion and flair of gangsters only by taking a shot of gin, simba or both to give them courage to approach girls. 

The thing you would realize is that the boy would ask those girls who revelled in clubs  without partners ‘hey, can we dance?’ And the girl would give a smile and goes to the dance floor and shake them bums.  This other group would simply lose for lack of confidence.

I have won these small battles without help from alcohol or naughtiness, I work around my philosophy. I have gone for highly rated girls and sometimes I go for less attractive girls to avoid marginalization, and to keep my place warm in the hearts of girls who regarded themselves above other girls. 

Competition creates threat of entrants – a business concept I learned from business school later. These beautiful girls or main girls worry more if you increase your economies of scale by getting  a new babe,  they would think that there is real competition hence she creates a niche in you.

Going for most beautiful ones is dangerous and time consuming. Not all boys get to their minds, but those who work around them, those who are attractive and those who are not aggressive and impatient take them. 

I had entered into competition on several occasions and even at point I believe I am losing a fight, I would  apply my philosophy – I keep around,  make a distance and strike at last.  

Today, after graduating from high school, I still remember many of my girlfriends and for them it smells under their armpits, I don’t disappear . I am not an optimist nor a pessimist! 


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