NEW YEAR RESOLUTION: Stand Tall And Rebuke The Wicked!

By Zack Mayul

It hurts at times when people walk up to you and start making all sorts of comments in what you do. Ati ‘you want to join politics that’s why you write negative things about this regime?’

At least once or twice in a month, a relative, friend or anyone who has come across what you have been doing would sternly warn: ‘pal ë gat koch ke Canada, Amirka, ku koch kë Athurelia…’ That I should leave making commentaries about what I see is wrong and then leave it to people like Ngor-gutakalthi Deng-gutakaldit, Keji-Keji Mayomism or others who are far away from political sweeping nets (Africa).

Well, this thing is like an addiction; if you’re addicted to silence, then do it to your best and pay the perils solely.

The thing is that, I’m 25 and above and I find it childish making noise throughout the year about latest series like DESIGNATED SURVIVOR, any movie directed by NICK MTUMA or how many hatricks has HARRY KANE bagged this season, etc.

At this age, you choose to remain a child and be fooled around by the wicked society or stand tall and rebuke the wicked act displayed at your watch. So, I decide to voice my feelings using this means.

Anyway, let’s see how the new year is going to be.


Views expressed herein are not necessarily the AFTABOSS’s.

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