By Long Jonn

Kindly note that sadly this is a  on a true story.
“I hear there is a lot of dollars in Juba, yet no food” my Indian friend spoke while shaking his head; not that he was disagreeing to anything but that’s how they speak. We were at a year-end at the Mumbai ‘Shaking Heads’ university. I was then preparing to return home ‘Juba’ as I mentioned it to Armadeep, my Indian friend. In three days, I was to fly.

The anxiety made three days seem like three weeks, I was very much glad to return home after Four years of studies.

On the third day, Fly-Kubai opened it cabin doors for us, we entered in all races, languages, and sex. At the door, the beautiful air hostess handed me headphones, I refused them sighting ‘I didn’t have money on me’ (Talk about Owino Market in mind).

“No Sir, they are for free” She said as we settled for our first 8-hour flight to Juba, via Dubai-Cairo. 

Fly-Kubai was in a state of Trump era, Flat screen T.V, a mini bar, kitchen, digital latrine and services that exalted our statuses from ‘African church mice’ to ‘Modern era missionary church mice’. It was a world apart. 

Thirty minutes into the flight, the hostess’ beautiful ladies, started loitering in the corridors of the planes serving any kind of foods and drinks one wanted. Some took unsparingly, others played cool and took small amounts, while others ushered them back without taking anything but just drinks. The drinks too were of all kinds, soft drinks, beers, beverages and hard lickers (Or is it liquors?). The service had me trembled as they approached me.

“No thank you, I am fine” I replied when they asked, my colleague sited beside wondered why I refused the services as they were freely given. I did not want to risk and get things yet I had no money on me. Indeed they were for free when a poor looking man in front of me ordered for something, and he was given.

I was now encouraged to do as I please, I ordered for wine, over and over again, switching from station to station as I searched for Nigerian full of ‘Jujju’ Films.

At exactly 6 p.m. local time, we were in Cairo, Egypt, waited at the airport for about thirty-minutes, and then jumped into another Fly-Kubai flight, many more people had ended their journey, a few more passengers boarded with us, as we started our one and a-half hour flight to Juba South Sudan, I sat at the window sit (or is it seat?) with my headphones listening to our local music at least to feel at home in advance. 

Like earlier on, the air hostess, this time different ones from earlier on started serving foods and drinks, I had my order prepared on my mind.

“Get me, hot-dog, some hot chicken roles, an Ice tea, and then a glass of wine” I ordered

“And a hot cow, hehehe” A fool that could not contain his anxiety shouted at the immediate back sit.

“Okay, that will be….” The hostess started to scribble on her paper.

“Yes for now, that will be all” I quickly replied placing my headphones back on as I got a staring mouth-opening lady in the same hostess, gesturing she was communicating something to me.

“That will be Sixty (60) Dollars sir”

“Excuse me?”

“Your order sir, will cost you 60 dollars” she replied.

Waa, I don’t know what happened or I jumped into the wrong flight as I enquired from my colleague sited next to me if the flight was indeed Fly-Kubai heading to Juba.

“Yes it is, but they charge money for the flight services.”

I had to cancel my orders for indeed I had no money on me. So sad, it is believed if you get money in a forest, humans own it.

Please come straight Fly-Kubai, is it a rule to not feed the animals?


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