​Let’s dream for better, together

By Lucy Ayak Malek
The war continues to change course, with new players coming in and other changing sides every other week. For goodness’ sake, have we lost all our humanity?

 Millions of our people are living like animals in IDP and UN camps, worse than those in refuge in other countries. Imagine a South Sudanese wishing to live as a refugee in a foreign land than stay in his/her own country? 

At this point, it’s useless to apportion blame, but rather, to look beyond person interests and seek peace. We have not gone beyond redemption, no… we still have our humanity. We don’t stop being human simply because we are on the side of government or rebels. Inside a soldier/rebel uniform there is a human being. Please, let that inner human being overpower the soldier/rebel outside, and seek peace. 

Let the leaders on both sides look beyond their expectations and needs and look to our people’s suffering. Yes there may be legitimate causes for fighting, but what will be left to fight for if we literally burn our country to the ground in the process? Guns don’t kill people, nor enforce peace or order, you need people to achieve that, and as long as we are willing to try, it’s still possible. 

The enemy is not the Arab oppressors anymore, it’s our neighbors, our fellow countrymen who are raping our daughters, killing our sons, raiding our gardens and burning our homes. Our people are exhausted, hopeless and helpless. But they are a resilient, strong and hopeful people, they are willing to dream again, of a peaceful, prosperous and tranquil South Sudan. 

If only our leaders can dare to dream with them. Let’s dream together, for a South Sudan for everyone, for all of us.

For a peaceful and prosperous South Sudan!!!


The writer is a Student of Master of Leadership and Governance.

NB: Views expressed here are not necessarily the AFTABOSS’s.

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