During our childhood beginning from age zero up to the age of ten, our days were SCHEDULED entirely by our mums and dads. At such a point in life, parents will tend to teach children how they should behave. You will also be taught what is good and bad. The funny thing at such time is that your parents will really try their best to work on you so that they mold you to be like them. You will be taught to treat other people’s children as your enemies because their fathers were enemies of your mum and dad. They will also teach you things like the do’s and donts of the society. You are also given your name by them and you are shaped to grow like them and NEVER TO GROW LIKE YOU! The parents also forget that they are the tools that were trusted by EXISTENCE/GOD/CREATOR to plant in them a SEED that may look like them physically but a completely different individual that needs to be brought up as HIMSELF or HERSELF not like MUM or DAD! That commences our first stage of mental slavery. 

The first evil (if that may suit the name) planted in the mind of the child here is what Jieeng calls ‘ATER’…STRIFE, grdge or enmity in English. A child that grew up in Jonglei, for example, at the age of seven or eight, will have an artificial idea about DUK (put in his mind as NUER), Athooch/Gok (taught by his parents as THIEVES) and Twi (planted in his mind as NAIVE/EASILY FOOOLED). If she is a girl from Athooch/Gok, she will grow up knowing that the other two factions are not good at all. She will never want to associate with FOOLS and NUERS (as she was taught). If he is a boy from Duk, he will not want to associate with GAMBLERS from Athooch/Gok and FOOLS from Twi (as he was taught by his mum and dad). These children will grow up mentally destroyed by their own fathers and mothers in the name of COMMUNITIES AND ‘DHIÄN’ (Clans).

When children are at their teens and twenties (now venturing into adulthood), the SOCIETY takes over from MUM and DAD. This society consists of peers, teachers and religious leaders. THE SOCIETY/CROWD FIRMLY HOLDS THE MIND OF THE CHILD CAPTIVE. If she is a girl child, at such age, she must walk, think, talk and do what the society does. If she was GIFTED with an inborn talent of singing and public speaking, the first kind of mental slavery from parents will not allow her to express her heart. At school, she must act like her teacher. In the church, she must act like her pastor. The peers are more of a better learning environment because a child always have a voice among his/her peers. The rest of the places are really so hard for a child to become himself/herself unless he/she finds a GENUINE TEACHER who is always hard to find. 

At this stage, a beautiful girl is mostly treated with a lot of care and she is respected more compared to an ugly girl because she (beautiful girl) will bring dowry (nyan e xok). This later enslaves the mind of a beautiful girl and she will tend to take care of her beautiful body more compared to her whole being and the world’s reality. Her beauty becomes her reality and her small god. She will tends to love pleasure more and gradually, she will depart from the world of thinking humans and rush to the world of self fulfillment and feelings. The ugly girl have no option but to use her brain and her physical strength to nurture her own heart with her own experience and find her way out INDIVIDUALLY in THE HARD WAY. When these two get married, chaos and divorce warrants will be the chores of the house of the most beautiful girl in most cases.

Our education system on the other hand, teaches us to think in terms of competition and never in terms of growing ourselves. For this reason, a guy who made it to Australia or Canada will be hesitant to help his cousins who lack opportunities back in Africa in order to avoid future business and political competitions. This become the second but toughest and most likely the advanced stage of mental slavery.  Over 90% of people are in there and those who always manage to come out are TRUE INDIVIDUALS but RULE BREAKERS for the society. I am confident to reluctantly say at this point that 90% of us have Chinese-made minds at the age of 30 and above. Above thirty, joining the dots from the above two mentioned mental prisons makes most individuals here to become SYCOPHANTS and BOOTLICKERS. We currently, therefore, don’t have individuals who make up the society anymore but a society who mold individuals. IF WE ARE TAUGHT TO BE LIKE OTHERS, WHAT IS THE MEANING AND FUTURE OF INDIVIDUALITY?



The views expressed herein are not necessarilythe AFTABOSS’s.

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