In response to Vice Chancellor, Juba University

VC, Prof. John Akech Apuruot
Dr. David Nailo Mayo wrote to Vice Chancellor of Juba University, Prof.  John Akech on his outrageous tribal sentiments.

I find this very interesting from Dr. David Mayo. Now, courage is rising above anything else. Enjoy the read:

“Professor John Akec,

I do not know where this ethnic implosion comes from? OK, let us all strip naked and jump into the mud. LD says the Jieng People are hated everywhere, and the Jieng should review why they are hated. He has also lost his mind by saying “We the Jieng”. Yes he may be a Jieng by birth and origin, but he personally is a statesman and universal person. How he returned to the primordial “Jiengness” baffles me a great deal. Now if I meet him, should I see him from tribal lenses other than a friend, co-nationalist?

You too, alluded to the fact that, Jieng people in general, do not have the word sorry or apology for infraction. But Professor Akec, this can be learned, a pedagogy, so that we live a civil life in the market, work place, school, etc. Empty pride and hard headedness exhibited by other groups takes us no where but to MAD (mutually assured destruction) as in the Jieng-Jieng, Jieng-Naath, Jieng Equatoria conflicts today.

Professor Akec, for the future Renaissance of South Sudan, let us emulate something from Equatoria. The Equatorians, although have more than 36 ethnic groups, utilized their ethnic pluralism and molded themselves into peaceful co-existence and intermingling. At elite level, Since 1917, for instance, the Equatoria Corps in Mangalla created uniformed statesmen from all ethnic groups of Equatoria and served everywhere in the Province. They came to know each other, respect each other, and love each other. They obey each other’s custom and tradition which most Jieng, as a rule, do not respect other people’s customs. 

For instance, the Jieng take people’s daughters (from New Kush) and do not want to pay the customary bride price. They are rude and uncouth to the in laws. As human beings what would you expect for this mannerlessness?? Because you have no word for sorry in you language or custom does not vindicate you in any way. In government, the minister is a Jieng, so is his deputy and the undersecretary, D/G, etc. Bad manners, Bad manners, indeed!! That is how you lose Equatoria, that is how you the Jieng destroy South Sudan. And of course, no sorry, isn’t it? What kind of people are you?

Professor, take this as an advise not an insult, for no one can tell you the truth other than your own friend. Elite are civilized people, I believe, because Education is civility, change of behavior (from the African savage in the Luak to a civilized world citizen) who can live with others in harmony and peace.

Thank you,

David Nailo Mayo


NB: Views expressed in this piece are not necessarily the AFTABOSS’s.

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