TEN ‘COMMENTMENTS’ For Getting More Likes And Comments…The South Sudanese Style

How to get more likes & comments

By David de Dual

1. Send friend request with beautiful/handsome (headsome)  profile picture.

2. Like your friends photos because it will give them appetite to like yours.

3. Always comment something either critics or appreciations. The more you do the more friends would wait on you timeline to revenge.

4. If you are married (men only), do not post your wife’s photos. Let your wife  do the work of generating family album. Most South Sudanese ladies don’t like married men.

5. Do not post every nonsenses you came across. Very easily, your friends will find out the idiotic character in you and start ignoring you and your posts.

6. Try to get more friends from Australia, USA and Uganda because these people like  entertainment and curious to know what is happening in your region. Please ignore Canada, Kenya and South Sudan because they are always jealous at anything.  

7. If your are a political analyst or activist, Please don’t post your photos before accomplished 100 significant articles. People will turn up in big number to like the image of a person they don’t know when you post your photo.

8. If you are from “the greater Boor” (Dukeen, Tuïc, Athɔ̈̈̈ɔ̈c ku Gɔ̈k) please, try to be factual when presenting opinions. There are thousands of people who are wiser than you. And to win intelligence audiences is not a simple task. Be yourself. Don’t copy and paste!  

9. always oppose rebel/government opinions concerning developmental activities in South Sudan with facts. Both of ’em are liars and some understanding People will like your critics overview of the political mindset and you will be followed all the moves.

10. Always value yours friends and relatives and treat them equally. Remember, facebook won’t change the person in you. “Charity begin at home.” Goodluck!

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