WILLIAM NYUON BANY And Why Many Children Were Named After Him

By Nyadol Nyuon
It was strange. He was an only child. Both his parents died when he was young leaving him with no brothers or sisters to comfort him.

My father, in a land where everyone had a father, often many mothers, and tens of children, must have been lonely. 

But his spirit was strong, as a young man, he would go to define his own path. Alone in this world, raised here and there, he grew up to be one of the  most well known commanders of the liberation movement. His bravery was legendary. Many children were named after him: William Nyuon Bany. 

His story continues. The lone child has now spread across the world with descendants in every corner.  Spreading from South Sudan, to Ethiopia, to Kenya and Uganda, to Norway and Germany, to the United States of America, and to Australia. His descendants came in all colours and races and have roots among the diverse tribes of South Sudan. 

This lone child, now laid in a lonely unmarked grave continues to breath each day in the lives of those whose blood runs through their veins. 

And one day, all his children, and grandchildren, and great grandchildren, will visit him at his resting place. And he will never be alone again.

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