Three Bloggers From Rumbek, Bor and Pibor Uninamously Blame Government Despite Their Differing Opinions

By Arop Kumbai

A great game deserves a great beer. As the Dinka say, “Kou aye kol kon dɛ̈,” or a thorn is removed with another thorn (from one’s foot). 

Beny Kiir, kede you  try Gen. Dhel Mathiang Dhel and Gen. Marial Nuor Jok to carry out a uniform disarmament peacefully or forcefully, whatsoever the case,  in Greater Lakes and  Greater Tonj areas to at least save the lives  of the few who are still alive. 

Secondly, send all the Greater Lakes politicians back to  their constituencies until relative peace is achieved there, sir. 

You also pay a courtesy visit to Rumbek, Yirol and Cueibet in order to witness by yourself the level of lawlessness there. (Beny KIIR yin aci yi nyin wel wei Rumbek  ku acin ke cie thok). If you can remember the picture below…

Dr. Garang instructs his deputy, Salva Kiir before boarding his last flight from Rumbek in July 2005

That was on the  Sunday morning of July in 2005 in Rumbek Airstrip when Dr. John Garang was going  for swearing in in Khartoum. He left you with the message of  appreciation to the people of Rumbek for their tireless contribution (Zalan Battalion) in the struggle from Anyanya 1 till that day he was going for swearing in as First Vice President of the Republic of Sudan. 

The message that you told us in Holy Family Cathedral in present of our late Bishop Caesar Mezollari about the great contribution of Rumbek, which has now become a laughing stock under your leadership. 

One night in a dream, the late Dr. John and the late Bishop Caesar will ask you a question that you will not answer about Rumbek, Beny Kiirdit. 

Remember, you have settled the issues of AGUOK and APUK without MPs and Youth groups writing letters to you in your highly esteemed office as such.

Is Rumbek not under your jurisdiction, sir? 

Is this the SPLM Government for which you people were fighting in 21 years?

Nyai dheng muonthoniin cin (Remove the guns from the hands of the civilians).


By Jamez Akuoch Ador

Murle is a huge land with diverse population. The cattle raids that a small fraction of Jonglei youth inflicted on the two Payams of Kozchar and Vuvet, which included occasional infernos on homes mid-year 2017, was an uncommon occurrence. The usual raiders in question claimed that their youth were all the way in Jom, common pastureland and water catchment, rearing their animals at their usual pasture hub.

The government noticed that it could have gotten worse and asked for immediate withdrawal pending the use of national army to fight against the Dinka Bor. A similar case of successive attacks of the usual receiving Bor community is merely considered an avenue for holding meetings but needless for military intervention. 

It is the failure by the government of South Sudan to properly manage such situations that tend to force citizens to take matters into their own hands and opt for those outdated and ancient decisions to find solutions to common problems through jungle laws and revenge attacks and raids. 

The insensitive government in power should consider this situation of inter-community violence as a common threat to stability and declare it as a national emergency for the next few years. Recently it was Murle, then Gogrial internal conflict, Duk Massacre ensued, and currently we are watching Lake State community wreaking havoc on its domestic existence. 

Situations like these breed bitterness and any failure by the government to take it as a BIG DEAL will create a room for a CYCLE OF REVENGE ATTACKS TO INFINITY. A situation that will ruin the very existence of citizens that are trying to bring forth the population that perished during the liberation war that delivered the CPA (Comprehensive Peace Agreement) and a chance to live the lost sense of security during the SPLA insurgency days. 

Elections in 2018, if it is not a hoax, should address this fiasco and aim to keep the government on its toes. The opposition need to show how they can address this issue of their internal affairs and security, curbing intracommunity and inter-community violence as well as raiding, abduction and gun control among the civilians in South Sudan. 

Why is owning a gun privately still not considered a crime after 12 years of “INDEPENDENCE”? Explain that.


By Lamayang Jowang II

Thanks for this precious writing brother, Jamez Akuoch. And once again thanks for pointing out that the government is the cause of all these. 

I do not have any idea about other incidents that take place in Lakes State but has little bit of words to describe what is happening in Fmformer Jonglei State. It is something that, yes, started long ago but would have been stopped during independence. Unfortunately the government added salt into the wound when they signed the paper that called for clearance of Murle tribe in order to take the Murleland along with Nilotic tribes. We have had difference, yes, since the conception of SPLA in 1983.

It was an uprising that was started by all tribes of South Sudan but Dinka, since they were the majority, took it as their own movement and took to a wrong direction and used it as a way to kill Murle people. This eventually happened in 1989 when Murle were massacred under Kiir’s command and he (Kiir) abducted 500 Murle children and gave to Bor as repayment to their children that were abducted by Murle. 

Murle having nowhere and no way to defend themselves sought help from Bashir and indeed they were armed. That led to liberation of Pibor from SPLA in 1992. Afterwards it’s got difficult to SPLA to recapture Pibor again till 2005 when Dr. John Garang signed the CPA where he clearly stated that South Sudan belongs to all those who inhabit it. 

Unfortunately the father passed on having not finished what he started!

We have had differences in political affiliation and tribal lines yes, but when we got independence, instead of those who lead the nation to forget and forgive the past and unite the country, they used it as a chance to revenge what they suffered at first. That’s clearly indicated by the paper I earlier mentioned which eventually happened in 2011 when, while Nuer attacked Murle, Dinka Bor on the other side were going in, too. It went as we saw and heard. 

As if that’s not enough, leaders like Kuol Manyang and Philip Aguer armed their people to attack Murle. Moreover, the supposed to be a national army, SPLA, were commanded to fight along with Bor Youth while armed with government weapons. 

Plus the incidents like when Murle patients were slaughtered in Bor State Hospital, killing of Murle in cold blood in Juba and along Mogiri -Juba road. This sparked off anger and the only possible way is revenge. Ours is a disease that started simple and got harder to be cured. 

Former Jonglei State was in relative peace when Yau Yau was leading the then GPAA (Greater Pibor Administrative Area) but those of Bor did not like it because they thought Murle woul be free and prosperous. So they incited Kiir and Yauyau was removed and replaced with someone whom they thought to be serving their interests. Murle warriors could not listen to someone whom they believe is not for them. They then took the laws in their hands. That further worsened the relation and wounds that seemed to have cooled off during Yauyau’s leadership. 

And while the so called government talked of peace, there is a certain hidden agenda of which it destroys everything. For example the current contribution of money by Bor people across the globe in order to buy arms to Bor Youth with government’s knowledge is another thing that makes each and every Murle race in search for more weapons. 

All these fights add nothing new and we are all Christians and are familiar with what God says: “No one has power to finish off the other.”

To sum it up, it is us causing our brothers and sisters untimely deaths. It is us ourselves killing ourselves. Bad things happened in the past, yes, and everyone has one or two faults. Blaming each other is not a solution. Revenge is not a solution. 

Let’s collectively call upon the government, regardless of our tribes, to give us the privilege to elect our own leaders so that those in villages could listen to them instead of presidential decrees even in state levels. They are just worsening the situation on appointing leaders that the people do not want. 

Let’s call upon the national government to stop interfering with state’s politics. 

As we are talking, there is another agenda about a state called ‘Gilo State’ for Anyuaks now brewing. It would be good if it means devolution of power and honouring the people inhabiting it. But it is intended to bring lasting peace to Jonglei State, I am afraid it will be a cause for another war. That will further worsen the situation. 

Thank you!

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