“You know, music is sex. It’s a sensual driving mode that affects people if it’s played a certain way.” Dick Dale


By Mandela Ade


Sex is Music.

There a various ways different people fuse it.

Some rap fast and hurriedly.

While others like it slow, RnB.

Some rough,  dub their way down to the dance hall.

While others rock and roll until their heads bounce off.

A few like it calm,  but strong,  reggae.

From the likes of the legendary Bob Marley.

So how do you like it?

Busta Rhymes or Charlie purth?

Many Meen’s Dugu wara or Alijoma’s Berke?

The choice is left to you.
But see,  sex is Music.

So before you play it with your D.V.D

You need to have a CD.

Without scratches,  otherwise it would break- play,

Break, play until you are infected.

So at the first break,  you immediately have to eject it.

Because your life is your wealth,  and you need to protect it.
Do not rush to get a flash because you want to listen to Miley Cyrus songs.

That thing might be having a virus on.

Please go and check it,  have some time.

And make sure the results contain a minus sign.

Not a plus.,

That’d add more trouble than you already have like the legs of an octopus.

Do not curse., if you’re already a victim there are safe therapies.

You can go to your nearby health center and get your self some ARVs.

Aids makes its way to 2 out of 8 families in a week now in junub, and they don’t know they’re infected.

The only way to tell is if we all get tested.

When you find the victim, do not evict him or be harsh to her.

We all have to win., this is not the Big Brother Africa show

But let’s be the Big brothers to Africa.

Why do so many people have to die,

Yet there are so many preventive measures we’d have to try.

Let’s join the fight..

Yes,  Sex is Music.

But before you make a hit song,  you need to stop.

And think of the things involved.

Early pregnancies, all unexpected.

STDs, you get infected.

Your daily activities all get affected.

You get HIV and your life is wasted.
Now I’m not saying you should live a single’s life.

You can actually have a playlist eveytime you have a sleepless night.

My point is,  you should wait till the time is right.

When your mind is ripe,  and it’s not the hype.

Just protect your life.
If sex is Music,

Get married to the song and have it on replay.

Other than being played once a night by the DJ.

It’s sad for you to choose to regret about the mistake.

When it’s actually not too late for you to be safe.

So be safe.!

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