By Ajak Yak

December 5, 2012— It will be exactly five years ago on the morning of this very night that the devils and morons who have become unknown gunmen today in South Sudan purposely, ruthlessly and mischievously broke into your house in the middle of that night, woke you up, dragged you out and mercilessly did away with your dear life while we were unable to rescue you!

You were resting in your house in the middle of what could have been a peaceful night in the country you sacrificed everything to ensure safety and freedom are guaranteed but heartless assailants turned it into a fateful night that would stick in our memories for the rest of our life. 

More painfully, that same government you voluntarily served free of charge could not afford to provide security for you and its citizens at large.

We know where our fingers are pointing. With God in front leading us,we will not afford to forgive those who mastermind your murder until God hits the shits out of them and genuinely confess and tell us the reason you had to be assassinated. 

We will not bring your life back but impunity could not be the price you went to the bush for, Isaiah.

We will not relent the search for your justice. Someone must account for your well lived soul that was unfairly taken although we live in a country that your assailants hold double-edged sword against us. Every citizen’s life is being threatened but no justice is for free. There must be a price for anything valuable. 

We must keep on peaceful quest for freedom of expression and this is the only justice we would deliver to ourselves in honour of your blood. It is already hard to live the rest of our life without your guidance. 

You were a great nephew, brother, uncle and indeed hero, Isaiah.

We swim in tears every 5th day of December because of your death that hit us hard in time when everyone is in jovial mood welcoming the birth of Jesus Christ and preparing for Christmas celebration.

Your kids,widows, mother, brother, sisters and all relatives plan the anniversary of your death every 5th December yearly. This is the agony your assailants blessed us with every other end year. People organise joyous end year parties and we lament in preparing your commemoration with blood tears rolling down our cheeks!

Your death had left wounds in our hearts that nothing would ever heal them. You were a great mentor to many and your wisdom will never fade away in our memories. You met your fate because of the love you had for this nation.

Everything that you wrote in your articles came to light just one year later after your brutal murder and everyone is feeling it now.

The acute pain your assailants inflicted on the family is too much to endure, Isaiah. The independence you participated and brought to us in a golden plate happened to have bred implications that are too heavy for us and the nation to bear. 

We always miss you and may God rest your soul in eternal peace.

R.I.P, Isaiah Abraham Diing Chan Awuol Chan Diing.



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