NEW NEWS: Ugandans ‘Legally’ Raided Gen. Akook Noon’s Stanbic Account for a Billion Shillings

A story is trending in Uganda Social Media and tabloid gossips of a South Sudanese general whose bank account was broken into and ‘robbed’ of up to 1 billion Uganda shilling (about $260,000).

That general turned out to be Gen. Akook Noon, Present Kiir’s body guard who was lifted from J1 to head the national revenue collection authority, the Customs.

Since we at AFTABOSS do not publish rumours or news without clear sources, we hereby post the story as it came in just for your personal judgment and consumption…

As we follow up further with other sources.



Police investigators from Central Police Station in Kampala have started investigating a high court Judge and officials at Stanbic bank Nakasero branch for conniving with a city businessman to illegally withdraw shs 1bn from an account belonging to a South Sudanese military officer.

The businessman who is under custody to help police in investigations has been identified as Fred Nkurunziza in his 30s who deals in grain milling business and a resident of Muyenga Kampala.

The South Sudanese military officer whose bank account was emptied is identified as Maj Gen Akok Noon Akok the director general of customs services also the former head of the presidential guard unit.

Genesis of the Story

It is said that around May this year, Nkurunziza using his spies in Stanbic Bank Nakasero learnt that Akok Noon Akok had over USD 260000 on his account.

Sources added that Nkurunziza through his lawyer who is also wanted by police went to high court and opened up a civil suit against Gen Akok Noon Akok.

Nkurunziza told high court Judge who is alleged to have been part of the deal that he sold Gen Akok his milling machine at the cost of shs 1bn and he never paid him any coin and that he phones were off and could not trace him.

He also stated in his affidavit that Akok went back to Juba.

The Judge whose name could not be mentioned for investigations purposes issued criminal summons to Gen Akok but he failed to show up in court to defend himself.

After 14days, the same Judge issued warrant of arrest for him but he could not be arrested as he was not around.

Sources added that the Judge later made an experte Judgment favoring Nkurunziza.

Law experts have however challenged the judgment saying that the Judge erred by issuing warrant of arrest after Nkurunziza failed to serve Akok with criminal summons.

“Nkurunziza should have served Akok via the media if they failed to get him physically,” said a top legal brain adding that South Sudan has a newspaper in Uganda and should have used it to serve him.

Sources added that the judge after making one sided Judgment, he also made a warrant of attachment after 21 days.

The issued a court order attached the account of Gen Akok which had USD 260000 about shs 900m.

The money was later transferred to Nkurunziza account and was later withdrawn and shared among the parties.

It is indicated that the same Judge also issued another order to withdraw shs 100m from Akok account but Bank officials notified Gen Akok before withdrawing money from his account.
Sources added that when Gen Akok learnt the information, he blocked the removal of his money on his account through Embassy and Bank of Uganda.

Akok also rushed to Kampala to find out why his money was to be removed on his account.

He was later told that he failed to pay his debt worth shs1bn.

He was also informed that Court ordered the removal of $ 260000 from his first account.

He is shocked that Nkurunziza demanded him shs 1bn.

“I don’t know anybody in Uganda called Nkurunziza and I have never bought any machine worth 1bn in Uganda and on top if that I don’t deal in milling business,” Akok says.

Akok denied entering into an agreement with Nkurunziza and experts found that the hand writing did not belong to him.

Police later arrested Nkurunziza pending investigations.

Police Speaks Out

When interviewed SSP Olal Johnson the head of Investigations in Kampala Metropolitan he confirmed the arrest of Nkurunziza.

“Nkurunziza with the help of his lawyer, court officials and bank officials withdrew shs 900m from Akok account using fake agreement,” said Olal adding that Akok was not informed.

“The law says the account owner must be informed before attaching his account,” said Olal adding that weather there is a court order or not.

He added that police is going to investigate bank officials and high court judge.

He added that Nkurunziza should pay back the money or he reveals his party in crime.


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