By Jon Pen de Ngong

“Kiir Mayardit is a good leader, only those around who are bad,” so goes the folk talk. And the poet is like, “Really? So why does a good leader surround himself with bad people”?

No closeness to callousness,

Blame it all on his wilderness of knowledge.

I’m not here to merely allege,

My king is a victim to an acute cluelessness.
Lo, my people always perish,

Writes Hosea, due to the lack of knowledge,

According to The Holy Bible,

In which my king hardly interprets a parable.
To whom it must concern:

The manner I have addressed my monarch,

The manner I have undressed my monarch,

Down his abyssal cistern,
Dipped in abysmal cistern,

May David be not hurt for his poetic catapult,

Which mystically fells Goliath, the Giant  Adult,

Or his rule so deadly stern. 


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