DUK AGAIN: 3 Chiefs Killed, Paramount Chief Injured in a Car From Pajut

Victims of recent Murle attacks on Pamai Payam of Uror, neighbouring Pajut of Duk County

News has just come in from an NGO worker in Poktap, Duk County of Jonglei State, that up to 3 chiefs were killed and 3 others injured in a car ambush between Poktap and Panyagor this morning of December 2, 2017.

The source told AFTABOSS blogger that among the 3 men who are injured is the Paramount Chief of Pajut. They are now in Poktap undergoing treatment in an NGO-run health centre.

The chiefs were traveling from Panyagor to Poktap in a private car by the time they fell into an ambush early this morning.

No official confirmation is sourced yet, but our humanitarian worker said the gunmen who carried out this heinous attack are suspected Murle marauders that have been lingering around the area for some time.

This attack happened just 3 days after the massacre of over 40 people, most of them women and children and some NGO workers, including a medical doctor, in Duk-Payuel.

A Duk community youth leader earlier reported that some of the abductees and livestock were recovered by the youth who chased after the Murle raiders a day later. No identity has been given of the survivors, yet.

As we are taking this news to the press, a distress call has just come in from Bor counties (Bor South) that an unidentified expedition was cited last evening around the area. No official detail was given but the source sounded emotional and termed it an emergency.

We are following up this new development with diligence because our experience shows that most of the attacks that have taken place in Bor areas have had prior warnings, which always fall on deaf ears of the authorities that have  the capacity to preempt such situations.

This Duk chiefs’  killing came by the time the governors, Col. Philip Aguer Panyang and Chief Ismail Konyi, of Jonglei and Boma, respectively, were summoned to Juba upon the November 27 mass murder of the innocent Duk-payuel residents by the Murle attackers.

Peace Treaties Violated

A community peace treaty reached between these two belligerent states of  Jonglei and Boma (Bor and Pibor) that was brokered by the First Vice President, Gen. Taban Deng Gai, is yet to come into fruition or is constantly being violated.

This inter-tribal youth peace accord was reached as a rescue  mission upon the revenge operation by the Bor youth into the Murle villages in May, 2017.

This is the second peace  agreement that has gathered dust in the Presidency after the All-Jonglei Communities’ Peace Accord of May 2012  was promised to be implemented by President Salva Kiir in vain.

Numerous local peace treaties have died the same way upon massacres after massacres in the tribal conflict triangle of Akobo, Bor and Pibor. To date, no ultimate solution is expected.

Below is the list of the majority of the Duk-payuel victims of Murle youth that took place on November 27. It should be noted that the victims are not exclusively from Duk, some as far as Central Equatoria, justifying why this is a problem of national character.



  1. Deng Yuol Ader – Chief
  2. Lual Machuk Nhial – Chief.
  3. Nyandeng Nyakan Malek – Child.
  4. Jok Mayul Reath – Child.
  5. Nyuon Chol Nhial. Child.
  6. Lueth Ket Rabang – Child.
  7. Akech Atem – Child.
  8. Deng Leek Deng – Soldier.
  9. Duot Deng Duot – CRS.
  10. Diing Deng Monybeer – CRS.
  11. Ajah Chol Ajack.
  12. Nyagach Bayak Diu.
  13. Mayen Mapur Kuai.
  14. Adut Rou Pajok.
  15. Maker Anyang Ayom.
  16. Abul Yhen Bol.
  17. Kuthin Deng Dut.
  18. Riak Kuir Koyor.
  19. Adau Deng Duot.
  20. Achol Manyik Yai.
  21. Ajah Malok Deng.
  22. Abuk Bol Ater.
  23. Nyandeng Thon Ayuel.
  24. Ayul Kok Deng.
  25. Yany Lam.
  26. Mageu Riak Aleer.
  27. Chol Nyot Lual.
  28. Kuai Lul Guet.
  29. Nyaker Tut Tong.
  30. Achol Yuol Ader.
  31. Makuei Atem Goch. Soldier
  32. Apiir Machut Akech.
  33. Nyawai Nuer.
  34. Achok Manyok Puot.
  35. Dr. Biar Chagai Biar.
  36. Aweek Mayek Aleer.
  37. Juma Pitia John.
  38. Ajah Mayul Reath.
  39. Magai Bang Deng.
  40. Nyamot Kanjai.
  41. Nyapayuel Mayul.
  42. A Driver of John Dau Foundation.

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