CHAMELEONE TO S. SUDANESE: Stand Together And the Devil Will Be Afraid Of Us!


“You know am one of the first foreign artists to come to South Sudan in 2002; when the development was so low, when it had several landmines and some places where no-go zones and hotels were in tents. 

So I have been close to South Sudan and am proud to be part of any peace and reconciliation program, because for my brothers and sisters who are still living in partiality, in anger and conflict whether by differences of tribes or religion, I want to pass a message of reconciliation. We are all human beings.

Music is medicine for people that are angry; it is medicine for people that are happy. So by collecting people to come and listen to one thing that put us together, am still going to take my chance to speak to these young people and inspire them to forgive, reconcile and love must prevail. 

With the world we are living in today, we can not live in exclusion or division; we have to live in one unit. If we are standing together, even the “devil” will be scared of us. So that is one message that this show is going to prevail.

When in South Sudan, after the concert, we shall have all the major artists in South Sudan –together with me and Awilo Longomba, we will do one song in promotion of peace, love, unity and reconciliation in South Sudan. 

So after the show, we shall spent the whole of Sunday [3rd Dec] in the studio with major South Sudanese artists to record a unifying song of me, Awilo and the South Sudanese artists that we will leave as a message to inspire the people of South Sudan to live together and love each other.”

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