WE’RE MOURNING: South Sudanese CSO Group Snubs Deng Dau’s National Dialogue Delegation in Kenya

For Immediate Release 

30th November, 2017, Nairobi Kenya 7:00am EAT


On 27th November, 2017, a group led by Hon. Deng Dau and company came to Nairobi saying via South Sudan Embassy that they want to hold talks with exile-based South Sudanese civil society groups in Kenya. They purported that they are members of National Dialogue Steering Committee formed by President Salva Kiir on 30th December 2016.  

On 29th November, 2017, they began their session in earnest with what looked to us like mere photo-taking event in Westslands, Nairobi. It was an empty and hopeless talk show, devoid of any agenda or theme. We cannot just go there to sit, and consume unverified facts that have not been debated beforehand. We and other people of goodwill shall wait for an appropriate time to constitute an inclusive and objective national dialogue in South Sudan. 

At the time of writing this statement, we were mourning the brutal death of 50 innocent civilians killed in Duk Payuel on 28th November 2017, and the barbaric beheading of two innocent Youth in Western Equatoria states. We demand the assailants to return the children that they had abducted sooner than later. We are very sad and we’re feeling very angry. Malcom X, one of the foremost civil rights agitators of our times, said ‘‘Evil flourishes because we are not angry to stop it.’’ 

In that regard, therefore, we the pro-human rights organizations wish to state that we reject such devilish and detrimental talk peddled by this committee. In our view, the group which came to Nairobi is not National Dialogue steering committee to say the least. They are self-seeking saboteurs who are out to defile the revered peace accord dubbed ARCISS. They are on profit making tour. And we cannot be connived and or be conscripted into deteriorating the peace agreement that we toiled and moiled for. 

Our stance at the onset was that this so-called national dialogue is mockery of the Accord on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS). We are on record. We never blessed that bastard dialogue presided over by these absurd belligerents.There is no room for dialogue now until or unless ceasefire is observed.

We cannot entrust our good views on people who have total disregard for peace, democracy and human rights in our country. As stakeholders and sycophants to the Addis Ababa Peace accord of 2015, we won’t join them now or later in those mockery dances. They can go on and engage their praising choirs who sing their Kumbaya tune. 

Our patriotism is permanent. We are anti-poverty and impunity. Contrarily, those are the things they subscribe to. We knew these people are not honest to themselves and the country of South Sudan. They are laughing at us, the victims; yes they can continue laughing but we assured them that they will not have the last laugh. 

Chapter V: (2). of the Accord on the Resolution of the Conflict is crystal clear when and how the real national dialogue should be established by all parties, not by one party to the war. However, they have since been engaging in an effort in futility. Their national dialogue will soon die a natural death.

We demand for dialogue after the war. Right Now there is spelling violence all across our villages in South Sudan. We want fighting to stop forthwith. We shall only take part in the national dialogue after the war. 

If they so wish, let them advise President Kiir to step aside and subsequently surrender to the relevant judicial institution in The Hague. First and foremost, we want those who occupy our houses in Juba to vacate with immediate effect. 

As we converse, we are only engaging in concerted effort to see into it that we resuscitate and revive the peace accord that perished on July 2016.  

Finally, we call upon the like-minded and patriotic youth in Nairobi to desist and detach themselves from such callous activities geared towards furthering the suffering of our innocent mothers, misters, brothers and elders. 

May God bless the Republic of South Sudan, and God bless our People of Kenya. ‘‘Together we’re number one’’ synonymous 

Yours Affectionately

Dak Buoth


CC: Yom Deng, Achut Foundation

CC: Thor Bwath Goah, Youth Pioneers

CC: Jameson Ngor, New society

CC: Daniel Deng, South Sudan Peace Coalition

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