By Pastor Gabriel Kok

1 Timothy 5:8 – But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own households, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel. 


Taking care of yourself is the top priority so you can serve your household and the society. Risk analysis is also part of principles of christian teaching. Unless it is beneficial, a requirement or safe to do, or you don’t do it! In our churches we need everyone to be safe from harm, in our society, we need a vibrant leadership to initiate development.

Loyalty to the authorities is a Bible-supported principle within the context of good leadership. Most of the young people in our country have forgotten that change can come from both outside and from within. You do not need to be a critic to effect change, you can also work hard from the inside to change things. This is what had brought unimaginable rift between the system and the critical youth society. Many lives have so far been lost connected to this discourse. Social media and network service providers have been tools for the cartels.

Facebook is dangerously infested! Seeing those 4 icons below your POST; A CAMERA, GALLERY, LIVE VIDEO and more dangerously LOCATION you better be very careful with how you use them. 

How does a Lion choose a prey?

Based on type of animal i.e GALLERY, position in the herd i.e LOCATION, meat quality and desirable appearance provided by YOU in your POSTS. 

Technological advances have shown that a GPS can reveal exact coordinates where a PICTURE was taken not only that but also TIME and DATE and a LIVE VIDEO does it even better! Unless your location is useful else NEVER use it in some posts. Do you need a picture on where you spend weekends? This does not take God or witchcraft to understand these basic ICT precautions.

Do you recognize all of those 4,999 faces in your contact list?  Digital Weeding must be required! I have been one of those who constantly  beg for journey mercies but for now, Not Anymore!  I like some guys who head to ‘unknown destinations’ but silence is even better. 

I don’t have to spare our network providers, they are even worst in betraying clients! Who offer unlawful voice tapping services, no wonder they are silent on this. You may need to inform your loved ones on your intension to travel but NEVER specifically on date and time. This week and next week are even  more appropriate. Discuss your plans with full consciousness that you are never in a dialogue but in an open forum.  

If you continue to practice negligence over personal safety within the circles of internet and mobile network, then I assure you of an ambush, a call or a knock at your door. I prescribe silence on most issues if you are in-born activist or rational writer, or if you are a keyboard addict.

Imagine if we all come out to support the authority in our country and serve our people however bad the governance is, we can still make a positive contribution! Church leaders also acknowledge that governance is indeed bad in our country but chose to nurse it instead. Many countries in the world did experience the same scenario of South Sudan but are okay today!  If there is one wish I should make, it is that God should change our tribally oriented hearts into a peace loving comrades.

© Pastor Gabriel Kok

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