Who Killed Akec Mawel?


In the firdt place, on behalf of the Association of Facebookers, Tweeters and Bloggers of South Sudan (AFTABOSS) Internet’ional, let me pass our heartfelt condolences to the family, relatives, friends and community of our fellow Facebooker and blogger, Akech Mawel, who was mysterious killed by the so-called ‘Unknown Gunmen’ in Juba in the night of November 16, 2017.
We also we to underscore that such suspicious death of the citizens of South Sudan after gaving expressed their opinions over the current political, economic abd social meltdown can be condemned with the strongest trrms possible. It is sad to lose the future generation in order to preserve the present generation in power by blood and sweat.

Finally, we advise our fellow Social Media socialites, activists and other campaigners to desist from threatening one another in writing. This threats can be exploited by malicious people who can take cover under your threats online, as shown below by Peter Kuot. It has been a trend that our members die after a serious of serious life threats online. This is the case of the accidental desth of Ajok Garang Ajak in November 2015. 

With the above few words, we call upon the authorities concerned to investigate the desth of this young man, whose life has been wasted over flomsy issues. We cannot therefore hesitate to provide a clue wherever and whenever necessary.

Jon Pen de Ngong, Chief Moderator, Aftaboss Intntnl.


Post by Peter Kuot
But the suspicion on the reason of his killing is our concern as youth. If young people are killed for just speaking up and have not picked up any arms, then all of us are not safe.”
You guys betrayed your own brother Akec Mawel and then you are here saying RIP. Yenë kë yenë week dhol ëkan.

Late Akech Mawel complained about his safety when some of you his own brothers betrayed him and started revealing his names that he was the one acting as MonyDit Waa on Facebook. Aweil youth you better be serious. Look at these screen shots I took on Monyditt Waa Facebook page. Sad 😭😭😭

One Aweil youth wrote on Facebook yesterday cautioning Aweil youth to be careful because there are a number of youth listed to be in the group of Monydit Waa. The guy later deleted his post because of fear if his own life.

You know how that page Monydit Waa has been used to publish threatening and inciting posts against government since the time of Malong’s detention. So if the government get to know a person is being said that he is Monydit Waa do you think they will spare his life? You did a big mistake by using your misunderstandings to reach to the point of betraying yourselves.

I believe that is enough evidence to help in investigations. I am an intelligence dude who knows how to get stuffs for investigations, inborn.

I want analysts here; Jon Pen,  Kon Vlentino Uuol, Ngor Matem Ngor, Mabior Riiny Lual and  Wol Atak



By Ngor Matem Ngor

The death of Akec Piol Makuei  is so saddened to all of us, he is just a very innocent person that can’t be suspected of being Monydit Wa for no proved or if it would have happens to be the one, they should have warns him to stops than murdering him. However, based on what I read per the one u tagged me in. I realized there are two people by name Monydit wa. The Monydit wa u tagged in this post I’m commenting from didn’t have any grudges with him but there is another name in the same Monydit wa with long beards is the who who have problems with him I got through his profile now, he had posted so many people with whom they have been chatting with.

May his soul R.I.P






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