By Agany Chan

Fidel Castro was a former chairman of the Council of state of Cuba, prime minister and president. He is the revolutionary icon of Cuba and the father of Cuba’s socialism. It was him and the likes of Commandante El Che Guevara and the current Cuban president Raul Castro plus the rest of their comrades who spearheaded the liberation cause and  brought down the imperialist puppet regime in their beloved country, Cuba.
Fidel in his early age was having the feeling that all was not going well in his beloved country and hence a need for liberation. He developed a feeling earlier that the government of the day was not that prepared to take their country to the other side of the river. In his early age, he and his younger brother Raul Castro called upon the young boys of their downtown and asked them to join them in subversive actions against the government of Batista. The boys agreed with them and then they came up with a plan of attacking a nearby army barrack to get weapons from it. They attacked the barrack and the plan didn’t go well. Instead of them attacking early in the morning as planned, they delayed till 6.00 AM.

The army was more prepared by that time and they were repulsed, running away in dissaray.

After two days, he was identified as the ring leader of the attackers. The government sent a force to go and hunt him and his group down in the forest.  The hunting went on for good two days and no clue of their whereabouts.

On the third day, they were rounded up under a mountain and we’re told to disarm. They accepted to lay down their arms peacefully since they were no more in possession of ammunitions to wage resistance. They were all chained and told to lay down flatly facing the ground.

The officer in charge of operation hunt down Fidel was given full description of the most wanted guy in the person of Fidel Castro. Upon arival, he called upon Fidel to follow him, he went to the officer and a conversation between the two went this way;

Q. What’s your name?

A. Fidel Castro.

Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q. Is this you?

A. It’s me

Advice from the officer:

Don’t tell anybody among my soldiers that you are Fidel.



Tell them a different name please.

Do you hear me?



Soldiers, you are now ordered to  tie their hands behind their backs and let them follow one column up to the barrack.


Yes sir.
Those of Fidel were then chained and ordered to follow each other up to the barrack.

On the way, the soldiers were more upset with the young boys. Some of the soldiers were planning to kill the boys on the way before they could reach the barrack and the officer had this to tell his soldiers; 
“Don’t kill them”

These are ideas.

You can’t kill ideas when you have a dream of building a prosperous country.
Fidel was asked by a certain soldier.

What’s your name? 


Move on please quickly and was given a good stick from behind.
Upon arrival to the barrack, the officer went straight to the commander and reported that  “I and my platoon managed to bring the ring leader”

The commander felt relieved of this successful mission and praised the officer and his team for bringing the ring leader alive up to the barrack.
When the soldiers became aware of existence of Fidel, they started blaming the officer of why did he concealed the man who made them suffer so much like that.

The officer told them that we are not supposed to kill those young boys because they are the tomorrow of our country.

Had the officer been that type of officers who look down at their feet, Fidel could have gone earlier without playing that great role for Cuba.
Fidel indeed was a great tommorrow of the current Cuba.

The country is now rich with medical doctors. Literacy rate is higher in Cuba now more than the the rest of it’s neighbors. Cuba is now famous of sending thousands of medical doctors to disaster hit areas world wide and that’s the tomorrow the officer talked about.

Fidel after sometime did managed to bring down the regime of Batista.

Our young are always full of ideas, both bad and good and our country need both. No where have a nation full of yes sirs prospered. We can criticize so long we aren’t hampering our national security. 

 Akec Mawel passed on under unclear circumstances. His passing on is a great loss to our country.

Whether he was killed by criminals or an organized group, they both have robbed the country of a brilliant young man. 

The great God of our grandfather’s will haunt the killers. 

Never before had somebody been praised for killing people and never shall it happen in the watch of the world.
All our ideas whether for or against are the pillars for building this great country. Countries born out of revolutions cannot make it a habit to intimidate and eliminate.  Our different ideas are the founding stone of this nation.

Those of Dr. John, William Nyuon, Kerubino Kuanyin and the current president Salva Kiir had a different view towards Numeri and they made it to the bush. Their difference with the Sudanese regime by then brought us this independent country,  South Sudan. We are a result of ideas and hence shouldn’t fear ideas but instead encourage ideas.

Good night.

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