Wenne Madyt Dengs

We’re tired; we’re tired in this country, South Sudan. Every child is born, and smells the irritating smoke of tribalism, every child is born and gets his father dead, and every child is born snatched away by cold hands of death from its mother.

Lack of health care centers increases the infant mortality rate every year. Young mothers cry every day as they mourn their dead newborns that die due to lack of health facilities; qualified health workers and insufficient drugs. Look at the beauty of Juba Teaching Hospital; numerous patients’ wards and ample spaces for outpatients.  But the worst part of it is that the busiest ward is its mortuary. Why? Who takes drugs donated by the humanitarian organizations? This needs an answer but because the Gods of South Sudan are still asleep, let the looters fill their bellies with bloodstained benefits of our health facility.

Poverty knocks every door and picks a family member; child, old age or whole household’s members. I wonder really, have the Gods of South Sudan have forgotten us, South Sudanese?

The little ration provided by the humanitarian organizations is ambushed and looted by either six-month unpaid government soldiers or sun scorched guerillas whose mission remains undefined due to lack of clarity. Who should be held accountable for the failure of food to reach the vulnerable populations who are in dire need of humanitarian aid?

Yesterday, it was Gathoth, today is Ayuel, and tomorrow it will be Lado; all killed by unknown gunmen. We are killed and our death is never televised on our national broadcasting television or radios, why? Who kills us? It s a known person that’s why no one bothers to investigate or care.

The judicial system is breached due to compromise of rule of law practiced by corrupt judges who seek bribes from wrongdoers or law breakers. A son of military general, minister or MP commits gross crime today and he is released tomorrow. Is this not IMPUNITY? The Gods of South Sudan know why they are still asleep at this hot time.

If it is not because the Gods of South Sudan are sleeping, how could citizens suffer from known disease and they fail to diagnose. Those who live in the upper house think that they are in Heaven where death has no access but I tell them that every beginning has its ending… one day is waiting.
A country where all is militarized is my country, South Sudan. It‘s characterized with humiliation, disrespect of citizens and foreigners. Fear continues to grow daily within, and all her boundaries. In the national headquarters, Juba; citizens are coerced and constantly threatened to behave vulnerably and more unfortunately to lose hope in the ruling body which is vicious, unjust and dominated by greedy wealthy leaders, who are fraudulent and corrupted by absolute greed for power coupled with wicked brain-tendencies.

But are we coerced even against what created the Republic of South Sudan? National security goons threatens our safety; their cars move carelessly on the public roads and they keep on yapping to demonstrate their ill intentions. I wonder, it’s only in the Republic of South Sudan where military vehicle is given way by an ambulance. It’s too satanic!

It is quite miserable to live in South Sudan; the poor and minority are oppressed by those in power. We are alienated in our own motherland while our Gods are still asleep. Political scientists and other relevant academics who are in position to diagnose South Sudan’s malady are threatened to be killed if they do not stop doing their work or leap to exile. Instigation and conspiracies are what the government of South Sudan relies on; more dangerously embraces them to maintain the state of anarchy.

Ignorant and gluttony wealth for few who are incompetent and have lust for materialistic pleasure are what elements who have access to the upper house build their dreams on. Our country was turned into battle field purposely to be looted; tribes are incited and promised false prophecies which never materialize. But be very aware that one day God will take iron rod and whip all of you.

We, the citizens, possess inferiority as an instrument to dodge harassment, death and all bad deeds inflicted on us by the national security services personnel every day. Is this really a country? I wonder what created the Republic of South Sudan and left it in this mess.

With mixed roles of the organized forces, South Sudan People’s Defense  Force (former SPLA), national Security Service Bureau and other paramilitary groups bring all into conclusion that the Republic of South Sudan is under full control of by tyrant. National Security Services Bureau has taken up the role of traffic police, the Tiger Battalion (republican guards) has usurped the role of normal police and the drunkards-filled SSPDF remains staggering; looting the civilians and planting road blocks in every corner of the country.

What a curse! A country endowed with sorted minerals turns everything into black market system; fuel, nationality, presidency, and even distribution of states, counties, payams and bomas is just on black market deals. I think what created South Sudan is still asleep but I here command it to wake up.

By Wenne Madyt Dengz, Writer can be reached via: wennemdyt63@gmail.com

NB: The opinion in this article does not necessarily reflect the official position of AFTABOSS Internet’ional.



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