The Woman Many Men Meet Only In Their Dreams

I have always dated women who shouted at me when I first met them… or argued with me.. once I see this side of a woman, I become interested. Im like damn girl, all I said was that chicken came before the egg…She is feisty, little and has a big mouth on her…she has her own business and hustle, and smart like crazy.. when you send her your business presentation she corrects your english because you don’t know English, and then she asks you why you are offering them 40% when you can give them 30% and keep 70% after she changes it, the deal goes through… When the money comes, she has a budget at the house and gives you $50/day for your lunch and gas. The rest she invests and saves… 

When the kids have to go to college, she knows all the colleges.. she helps them make a decision, and when they are feeling homesick their freshmen year she tells them of her experience as a freshman because she has a bachelor degree, a masters and working on a phd… 

When you come home having some business issues, she comforts you, makes you your favorite meal and tells you to get up because the other company should know they have the best employee they will ever find.. so she takes some money from what she has saved and gives you $5000 to start doing something while you go for job interviews… while you are looking for jobs she found something that she thinks you deserve and put in the application for you, you just need to attend the interview. She ironed your shirt and helped you rehearse so you are on point. 

AFTER YOU get your job, she goes back to helping the kids.. while you continue to give her the resources to lead the family. 

AGAIN… INDEPENDENT. EDUCATED. STRONG WOMEN with their own mind and  opinions on matters… these are the women you need. Life as we grow older becomes difficult and if you don’t choose the right woman, it will even be harder. Don’t define your manhood based on how weak your wife is around you, or how submissive.. define it by how independent she is, strong, educated, and make sure all your boys know around her she will speak her mind. And she serves them out of being nice, not because she is a woman.. and that’s her job. 

YOUR WOMAN.. who she is, what she is, what she does, her mind, her values, her priroties.. this is what your children will become. Your children wont be like you.. they will be at their core.. like their mother… 

I have said my peace… when im driving a Rolls Royce in the future and I own a 300 million dollar company don’t say that I never gave you data… your success as a man is founded on the women you will surround yourself with… even as friends.. lovers, etc. 


Trouble woman Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri don’t comment ooo!

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