Gen. Mac Paul Response to Propaganda Signed with his Name

Date: 13/11/2017

Repudiation for an alleged Meeting and Rebellion

To whom it may concern

It was brought to my attention late last week that someone, group or otherwise, had published incendiary fabrications, alleging my involvement in the said meeting conducted in Kampala, Uganda. I am stating categorically that I am not aware of such meeting, nor involved in it. It is a constructed lie peddled by those seeking to further their agenda by dusting my reputation. 

For those convinced of the public misinformation, I would like to emphasise strongly that the subject of such a meeting or its agenda is beneath my personal and professional cognisance. 

The way out of the seemingly unending war in our country, I believe, is not more rebellion. It requires a mindful leadership, and peaceful discourse to deliver our people for these debacles. It is clear that there is a linkage between war and disasters besetting our people. 

Mindful of these problems, it is essential to focus on bringing peace to our people, rather than dwelling on a war that is not making our people any safer, nor prosper. 

Therefore, I refuted the statements published as a crudely framed and unsubstantiated lie. I have never thought of rebelling nor colluded with anybody, or an armed group, pushing for war rather than peace.

Your sincerely

General Mach Paul



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