​So What is Wrong with the SSYLF conference in Kigali, Rwanda

By Ujuum Buol
In the whole Africa, S. Sudan is leading when it comes to politically confused youth but what makes it worst is the jealousy attached to that ignorance. 

The ongoing SSYLF conference in Rwanda is being ridiculed out of pure jealousy emanating from ignorance and blind envious tendencies…..Some miserable youth are even accusing the organisers of having the agenda for regime change as if working for regime change has ever been a sin in any of religious books or a crime in the Constitution.  

Supposed the youth get such avenues to voice out their grievances and analyse the ways of finding solutions to them, should such moves not to be acclaimed as positive attributes of societal progress? 

One is perplexed by that worst form of gesture where somebody is utterly opposed to self salvation and betterment in the face despair and ignorance. 

Let’s support the autonomy of youth opinions if at all there is optimism for a better S. Sudan. 

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