Rest In Peace BABA COLLY-RUUM !!!

Dear Darling Dad, Akuer Maze Dorong, i’m still here in the house of exile, for the LOVE of our great nation, South Sudan. Profoundly aggrieved at your tragic departure from earth, you left us on. Dad, i’m here, on your behalf, answering natural call for a just national course! So much i love and wish you lived longer, i knew this earth isn’t our perfect place. Having had birthdays, we shyly waited arrival of unknown death days. We surely knew the lovely moments we shared were ephemeral. Death is a must! With it, either son or Dad will definitely leave the other behind. It’s its brutal nature humans are forced to accept. Adieu BABA!

Born IN and OUT you! Dad, I am proudly your son.

Nevertheless, none of us ever thought it would happen in this ugly way.That it’s you gone first! gone in my absence, i don’t know your last word on earth, not present at your final Rest (Burial) and not even free to attend the home farewell organised by your beautiful Family and friends, really painful. Born IN and OUT you! Dad, i am proudly your son. One rightful son who should have done all i haven’t, forgive me. And remember you nurtured me a national servant, you did so to serve South Sudan and her people you very much loved. I have no regrets, serving your country is great. As you Rest In Peace, May your great love for her prevail on me!

As you Rest In Peace, May your great love for her prevail on me!


Baba, you are a pillar, a founding stone, and will always remain irreplaceable father to us ( AKUER’s family), MAZE’s offspring, and the entire DORONG’s family.

As a son, who had heard and seen your good deeds, no word fits description of your greatness! Through sweats and wisdom, you founded and moulded together the then divided and now UNITED children of Bathi-Babur. With nothing at hand, you successfully organised DORONG’s House. Several years ago, when you were a boy, my grandpa-your late father, Maze Dorong, died and his death left you deep in abyss of trials and tribulations. But from scrunch, you built what now stands MAZE’s Home. If children live and grow to celebrate greatness of their fathers, Baba, families here will flourish to remember you as a GIANT FOUNDING BABA. Your lifetime achievements are countless. Ibo people, Murle community, South Sudanese and Human society at large shall remember you as an exemplary father.

I will live upto your example and be your extension!

YOU WILL LIVE ON; In us, You live on! Through us, services to your people shall continue! For through your generousness, genius, Humbleness, Honesty and Hardwork, we have learnt, sufficiently, what it takes to be men of your like . You stayed true and real precious to us. We will always admire you as the bigest lifetime role model. Yes, you’re gone. Indeed you have left this empty room in our hearts! That we won’t see you again, gorgeously smile and celebrate our success.

As innocent as we’re, with no choice and right time to say goodbye, Dad, our best gift to you is this simple promise. We will live up to your example and be your extension from now, our children’s and grand children’s times. Always know we love You very Much, AKUER MAZE DORONG!

NB: Brig. Gen. Akuer Maze Dorong, father to this writer, Aborcup J. Akuer, died on 24th/09/2017, at old age,of Heart-Failure he had battled for years, in Pibor town, South Sudan. Akuer Maze Dorong, survived by eight (8) sons and three (3) daughters.

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