By Deng Diar Diing
If what I hear that a breakthrough has been reached on resolving the near-bloody stalemate between Gen. Malong and President Salva, then it is a testimony that people, who recognize the strength of their unity and dangers of their division can do great things . I would like to congratulate the elders of Bahr Al Gahzal Region for saving our country from another bloodshed. They have a averted a situation that was going to be catastrophic!!

Congratulations for convincing Gen. Malong and President Salva to resolve their differences amicably!!

These elders did not act as Government of South Sudan or Office of the President or Aweil, versus Warrap or any other administrative fascia thereof, they acted as people of Bahr Al Ghazal regardless of their tribal and administrative set-ups. They never talked of Jurchol, Bongo, Malual, Aguok, Apuk, Luac; name them..they acted as a region, Kudos!!

This is a situation from which the other Regions of Equatoria and Upper Nile can learn. 

Instead of your sons being recruited and used against each other to cause untold suffering to their people to serve forces that might be enjoying the theater of their demise, we should create avenues to sit with our sons and daughters and discuss our issues before inviting anybody from other regions.

By now, we must have all known that peace that is hatched from outside the region is designed to keep us apart so that we continue getting used as disposable out-layers in a country that is being run with our resources. 

While other regions are keen on defining themselves as Equatoria and Bahr Al Ghazal, we always remind ourselves and/or get reminded as a composition of Nuer, Murle, Shilluk, Dinka and name them..and that we have unsettled historical scores!!

Wake up guys, this must change!!!!

My message to the sons of Upper Nile Region who have political grievances is this; as you flex your muscles and fit your sons against themselves to appease your non-remorseful masters, you are massacring your own future. 

Kerubino Kuanyin Bol caused more suffering in 1998 in Bahr Al Ghazal than what Dr. Riek caused in Bor in 1991(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1998_Sudan_famine), and I have never heard any son of Bahr Al Ghazal region quoting that as a reason to fit their people against themselves. They have moved on and are forging a promising future. 

In the same vein, Aguok and Apuk have been fighting but their issues have never called for Government intervention, they have been handled as Warrap issues.

As December 2013 was closing in, I saw people amplifying 1991 as a reason to fit us against ourselves and everytime, there is about to be peace, we get reminded that we have scores to settle among ourselves.

And indeed, we cheaply fell for it and ensured that we all went  and continue to be on our knees.

My final message to the sons and daughters of UPPER NILE REGION is, every family has its own history of differences yet they resolve them and continue to live together, let no one use your internal differences to conveniently divide us and use us against ourselves, let’s unite as a family and resolve our issues amicably. 

After all, we are never going to change demographic realities, we remain neighbors and a family !!!

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