South Sudan needs a revolutionary movement with a national agenda

By Puorchien M. Makeny

The current patchwork of fiefdoms in South Sudan will never by all counts bring change or reforms in our country. The multiple rebels movement with one ulterior motive that is power quest using tribal rhetorics in adventing the revolution.
These include NAS (National Salvation Front) leader, Thomas Chirilo, who rose up in advancing his quest for power using his tribe as a determinant factor of rebellion by accusing Dinka invasion of Equatoria region forgetting that Juba is not all about Equotaria but the capital city of state, South Sudan. 

We also have the popular movement called SPLM/A-IO Led by Dr.Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon whose political rhetorics and advancement are tribalized and ‘Nuerized’ by the followers from his ethnic group.
This is crystal and clear that our country is lacking the real revolutionary pillar that can liberate our citizenry to the promise land of justice, equality and prosperous South Sudan for all without tribalism, clanism, cronyism, nepotism, gender parity, corruption, discrimination, etc.

The main reason I challenge these rebels movements,  SPLM/A-IO and NAS, is that there clear signs and symptoms of tribal-leaning in their setup is clear because they do not have sound national agenda in their dockets, an ideology that is engendering the interest of all the citizenry, hence a revolution initiated in the name of tribal antagonism cannot bear the fruits set forth to be achieved.

The real formidable challenger of President Salva Kiir Mayardit is yet in the seclusion to rise up and will be a person, who has in his heart the crying voice of suffering South Sudanese at large, not the one crying out just for the suffering of his/her tribesmen and women.

We need a revolutionary movement that have in the docket the national agenda.


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